Erap guilty of plunder!

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    blues clues

    You may be right Manay Rose that reducing the expectation can be a somewhat effective but for how long and to what extent?In the long run,passiveness ,stoicism and complacency may lead to tolerance..Willful and illogical tolerance tantamount to submission..That is exactly the game plan of the present deadma-tic presidency.They can get away with everything for the reason that she and her spinmasters are aware of the malady called of”filipino amnesiae”The Filipinos can be compared to a washed out parkinsons stricken boxer’s brain.Or to a person who suffers long and short term memory loss.The 10 seconds Juan dela cRuz(from the movie 50 first date).Tyranny dwells in a non reactionary society.In doing so,we are also guilty as indirect accesory to their crimes
    We may expect nothing from this presidencybut we cannot allow ourselves to be treated as fools and dimwits forced fedwith lies and third rate justifications by this presidential tripe.
    The Crap has definetly landed,Ladies and Gentlemen.Thanks to our maWalang galang na Presidente.Onli in the Pilipins ,ika nga….

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    ūüôā I was correct afterall when I posted my message last September 16, 2007. What do we expect from the kind of government officers we have starting from the highest level of office. Don’t expect a lot so that you won’t be disappointed, or maybe DON’T EXPECT ANYTHING, I guess that is much more logical!

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    blues clues

    The unjust move in granting pardon to EX Presiden Estrada is “justified” ng bwakanang@#%! engkantita ng Malakanyang..jUSTICE,uNITY ANDRULE ofLAW daw ANG DAHILAN???ahahahahahaha–huhuhuhuhu!!pACKING SHEET!!!!!NAKAKAIYAK AT NAKAKATAWA NA TALAGA!!KAhit pa Dog years(1 dog year=7 human years) ang basehan,sobrang maaga pa para sa pardon considering na 20-40(human )years ang sentensya.OH MY PAPAYA!!!!Malacanang should now be relocated in Abalos’ turf..MANDALUYONG CITY, sa loob,effective immediatly!!!!
    Di pa nag iinit ang pwet ng sentensyado,parolado na kaagad. Masarap mamuhay(kriminal) sa Pilipinas basta loaded ka at maimpluensya.REPUBLIKA (rotten)BANANA NANGA, NAKA SILID PA SA BUTAS BUTAS NA bASKET ANG ATING GOBYERNO …..THE PRESIDENT NOT CONTENTED IN continuously SCREWING THE FILIPINO PEOPLEReally pushed the envelop by BUTT F@%dingour Justice system(meron pa nga ba?)!!!!!
    Arroyo: ‚ÄėUnity, rule of law, justice‚Äô behind pardon

    By Lira Dalangin-FernandezINQUIRER.netLast updated 02:17pm (Mla time) 10/26/2007

    MANILA, Philippines — “National unity, the rule of law, justice with accountability‚ÄĚ were the guideposts President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said she used in deciding to grant pardon to her ousted predecessor, convicted plunderer Joseph Estrada.
    Addressing the Philippine Business Conference at the Manila Hotel Friday, a day after she pardoned Estrada, Arroyo defended her decision saying the Filipino people ‚Äúdeserve peace, economic progress, and reconciliation‚ÄĚ and not ‚Äúargumentation and political division.‚ÄĚ
    She said the pardon would help bring all these about.
    Arroyo granted Estrada pardon on Thursday, little more than a month after he was convicted by the Sandiganbayan anti-graft court and sentenced to reclusion perpetua, which carries a jail term of between 20 to 40 years.
    She said she was aware her decision would be “debated, welcomed, criticized and given all sorts of meanings and motives,” but stressed freeing the nation from bitter political rivalry has been her administration’s agenda since she assumed office.
    Arroyo also invoked Estrada’s wish to be with his ailing 102-year-old mother, Mary Ejercito.
    “It is time to release him. It is time for him to be at the bedside of his dying mother,” Arroyo said.
    In Malaca√Īang, Arroyo‚Äôs spokesman said the restoration of Estrada‚Äôs freedom should put closure to his case and inspire Filipinos to move forward, Malaca√Īang said on Friday.
    “The moment has come for closure on the Erap [Estrada‚Äôs nickname] case and to revitalize the nation for the challenges ahead,” acting Executive Secretary Ignacio Bunye said in a statement.
    Bunye said the decision to grant pardon to Estrada was a difficult one for Arroyo, but one she made with the people’s interest in mind.
    “With this decision, the administration’s message is to look to the future, seize its opportunities, and forge ahead with unity and patriotism,” Bunye said.
    Originally posted at 1:37pm

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    iyo na napunan na tano ta dae na isunod ang ibang mga politiko arog ni chavit singson saro sa pinaka corrupt na politiko ang agom ni Gloria kadakol pa. dae na talaga garo kayang linigon pa. DPWH, CUSTOM,saro sana iyan sa mga corrupt na ahensya kan gobyerno kadakol pang iba. saka bago mag linig sa ibang natad sa sadiring natad muna mag linig puunan sa AFPPNP tanganing maresolbahan na yan.

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    Here is the text of the Sandiganbayan’s verdict on Estrada,courtesy of hope this will be useful to the readers and participants of this thread.
    Click this link.

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    YEA! ERAP IS GUILTY go Kulong sya up to 40 yrs. pero how about pig corrupt nya ano mangyayri dun baka ganun din kapalaran nang yari ki Marcos
    at yun din tnaong ko BAKIT si Erap lang? huh! sabi nila ma tataohan daw yung iba dahil sa nangyari ngayon ki Erap, kaya? well SANA nga wawa naman Pinas.

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    let me share, my opinion on this issue.. well at least we are seeing our judicial system at work, whether for show or what still it works. Anyway, at the end of the day, someone will be pardoned, or maybe given an amnesty or maybe not, but still the fact remains , that TAX PAYERS’ money has been rubbed and continue being rubbed, for us, who remains to sweat it out to provide a comfortable life to our family, let us just be happy that we feed our children/family from an honest source of income and that is what counts.

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    This is a clear violation of common sense! Who says that I was acting a lawyer for Erap? If someone was applying their so called common sense. Thenthey should actually sense that I was for convicting Erap and so his son Jingoy, his lawyer Atty. Edward Serapio and of course the moron of all moron, Chavit Singson! But what can I do? Some people don’t apply common sense everyday!
    I never said Erap was innocent. Whether he is guilty or not then that’s for his lawyers to work out in their appeal. But I will reiterate that his verdict was a mere political in nature rather than the actual application of the law. As Duane puts it, Erap acquittal, however, would shake the powers-that-be in Malacanang on their pedestals.
    So, you’re quite sure that the prosecution only focused on Erap? For them, Jingoy and Atty. Edward Serapio were nothing more but side dishes? And our honorable Sandigan Bayan justices agreed to them that as long as the main course was served then desserts are no longer important? Sabagay, sa main course pa lang eh busog na yung reyna, eh bakit kelangan pa nyang kumain ng fruits salad with ice-cream on top of it?
    Is this justice for you Bruce Lee? Oh yeah, you can call us Moron. But I advice you think first before you say so. You know, in this world, life is just full common sense! If you don’t want to use it everyday but at least make sure you do it twice a week!

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    just so we are reminded. The Velarde account has about 4 Billion pesos… and only about 800 million pesos is recoverable. This is only one account. Imagine how many accounts these guys have. Pa’no pa yung mga cronies and families ni Erap… we need exponentiation here to imagine how much these plunderers steal from our country… and now Gloria and her asungots… can we please ask the believers to pray that these plunderers be exterminated instantly.. and their money returned to our countrys coffer… baka makabayad agad tayo sa utang natin.. to think that 88 million Filipinos.. each single one of them pay at least 40,000 pesos a year to shoulder our debt obligations…
    And the guilty plunderer is punished to stay in his posh mansion in Tanay, Rizal… what justice? what life….

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    Reading some of the openions here I found out:
    – No one is above the law.- Questioning the justice systems in the Philippines- Chavit, Garci, Nani Perez, Joc Joc Bulante,Abalos, Ate Glo should also be prosecuted.- Some are still at larges “free” because of “Sweetheart Deal” with the government- The picture on pinoy…”erap = martyr, gloria = sinungaling”- 40 years in prison, 70 + 40 = 110…guess he can still come out?- In conspiracy sin of 1, sin of all, what happend to Jingoy and Serapio?

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    ang maray kaini i challenge ta na sana ang presenteng gobyerno kong talagang desido sindang linigon ang kuropsyon.
    isunod ta na sina joc joc,nani,garcia asin paimbistigahan ta na si abalos kong talagang gusto ta ng maka pag move on ang satong nasyon. inuton ta muna ang hello garci scandal nganing mawara na ang mga pag alinlangan kan tawo sa presenteng presidente, ta kong talagang inosente man sya arogon nya si erap. dai na nya pag parabandira ang EO 464 na nag babawal sa mga opisyales kan gobyerno na maghampang sa senado.pero pag dai nangyari ini totoo ang mga pinagtataram nina mikey asin duane na ang justice system satuya is very selective.(gadan na ang demokrasya)
    ang pagkakaaram ko sa plunder ay pagdarambong sa kaban ng bayan ang jueteng money palan perak na kan gobyerno pasensya na sa mga nag babarasa ta bako man kita layman.
    sain ka pa makailing ki sabwatan(conspiracy) na saro sana ang nahatulan so duwang kasabwat acquited ang paguna ko kang conspiracy ang kasalan kang saro kasalan kang gabos.

    ang maray kaini apoton ta ang opinion ni manoy ted bilang sarong layman.
    manoy ted pasabuta daw tabi kami digdi.

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    Si Erap ang simbolo ng kahirapan yan ang tunay na nanyayari sa atin ngayon si erap ksi nakakuha ng pera dahil sa sya ay nabiyayahan ng mga mayayaman nakapalibot sa kanya kaya sya ang nag susuffer ngayon.Kaya nga ang taong bayan pag tumanggap ng pera sa mga politikong mapagsamantala gutom ang aabutin natin yan ang tunay na nangyayari sa atin ngayon parang si Jose Rizal noon sa mga isinulat nya na cancer ang pumapatay sa bayan means we call it now traditional corruption.Dapat ilagay ito sa heinous crime dahil marami ang mamatay kng itoy pababayaan isipin mo billion ang kinurakot ni erap isipin m ilan filipino na ang matutulungan noon.

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    On second thought, I should have “passed”. I rest my case your honor. A case of mismatch!

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    Estrada verdict means little for RP poor — analysts updated 07:14pm (Mla time) 09/13/2007
    Excerpts from above link:
    1. Enrique Esteban, a political scientist with the University of Asia and the Pacific, said that while Estrada still has popular support with the poor, they simply do not see the point of taking to the streets any more.
    “They see it as part of the political game no matter what side you are on. At the end of the day the poor are still poor,” he told Agence France-Presse
    2. Clarita Carlos, a political scientist at the University of the Philippines, said it was “a politically driven trial” that would have little impact down at street level.
    “Yes, we have had a break with the past in that a president has been tried and found guilty, but does it signal a new beginning? Will it change the way Filipinos think about politics and their leaders?”
    3. Alex Magno, president of the Foundation for Economic Freedom, told the Wall Street Journal he thought the conviction was “positive.”
    But he also doubted if it would change the thinking of ordinary Filipinos, including Estrada’s own poor supporters, who elected him so convincingly.
    4. While the verdict may not change much for ordinary people, Amando Doronila, a columnist writing in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, said the impact would be felt much higher.
    He said it “presents a haunting prospect of criminal accountability for Ms Arroyo after her presidency ends.
    “It has set the precedent of a successful reckoning of accountability after a presidency.”
    Here’s my opinion yesterday: Erap, to me, is already a spent force and as a principled tough guy as he say he is, he may have taken the total responsibility and accountability out of the case to save the other personalities involved. Whether he is guilty or not guilty, after six years, it would not make any difference to the lives of the Filipinos. His acquittal, however, would shake the powers-that-be in Malacanang on their pedestals.
    And “smart guys” would call me and Mikey moron? Ha ha ha, we’re in the league and we got class, you know!

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