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    ayoz na ayoz!!…maurag ni websites na ni para sa gabos na bicolano saka bicolana…mabuhay ka zandhie XT!!..wakeke!!

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    Aloha XT,
    You definitely have the coollest bicolano site. Thanks for the wonderful work that you are doing. I’llget all my family members to sign in.

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    Hi “XT” Bicolano ka talaga! Cool and Smart! Thanks for this great website! you are bridging a gap!A Noble work! “MABROOK”[Arabic word for Congratulations!]

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    To all the bicolanos out there…. HELLO! – Mr “X”, this website is cool. I am glad to see this website is taking off with quite a few members already. Good job! i wish you all the luck.Though we are far from home, our distances with each other in this world have beenshorter due to the power of the internet. Let us all help to keep everybody reminded and be close to home or the place we came from. I thank you “X” for making this one step easierto many of us,for those who are away especially, in making this site and making it happen through the kindness of your heart!
    Take care X-men, I will see you around!!! Peace out Bicolanos!!!

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    You were right Pons. Thanks to you, Xandei.. for this wonderful website to all the Bicolanos all over the world! I am glad, I found this! More power!

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    wow! GOOD JOB Xandei! I was searching to see if there were any Bicol message boards on google and came across this. Now we just need to spread the word to all Bicolanos out there.

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    This site is really nice! More power!

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    Keep up the good work, Mr T! =D> =D> =D>

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    As most of you noticed the site was down for some time :(. My apologies! I have been working hard to better our website. Now, we have a new version –offering new cool features like message board, photo album, event list and video sharing plus we upgraded our internet speed and added more web server.
    Dios Mabalos

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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