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    oh..ooh ganoon naman pala manoy mannydeguzmanaltist..hindi pala ikaw si melody hindi pala ikaw si Jelly. Sori!.. soli, at isa pang sorry. Kilala ko na ikaw matagal na dahil sa mga daga mong ma____. Di kita kilala agad dahil wala na model mong si manay Imelda sa letrato mo noon. Ano ayaw Imelda model konglessman na lang ?

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    Hinala ko isa tao lang si Jelly, alia, ye-didy, melody, hunk, jason at si mannydeguzmanartist. Paleho tinda nila golf clubs, ayaw paawat. Pala sa akin ok na an isang thread pala sa golf at golf clabs. Huak na punuin an screen ng “new messages”, kasi nakaka-irita na.Payag ba kayo adveltize man ako nan lahat na item paninda ko sa haldwel ko, gawa ako anim na thread alaw araw?

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    @Mannydueqzmanartrist, I am only too aware of those annoyinggolf advertisments, and I also wish they wouldstop bombarding this Site. Those that are doing it should haveenough savvy to know when enough is enoughto leave off, yet they blatently persist been bombastcally indifferent to our desire in keeping the forum open for discourse rather than. i can only hazard a guess that they just happened to do a general search for the word golf and then started advertising repetedly to remainahead of other posters who have something substantial to discuss but get quicklybumped aside by those aforementioned miscreants.
    There are many well to do Filipinos who can afford to play golf, not just the price of equipment alone but the fees themselves may serve to exclude or deter the average person, much to their chagrin, although the well heeled set might welcome the restrictingly high costing fees, so they do not have to rub sholders with plebeians.
    I think the game of golf was only a passtime for travellers on foot to make fun out of an otherwise boringlong march,enroute to their destination. The game was a passtime. A game is only a game, but people themselves play other mind games andlike to play a game that they can afford. I for one take my hat of to them that can afford to participate. Nobody should feel inferior because there are many luxury items thatare beyond their reach, I cannot afford a boat either, but abamboo one might be within my reach. Perhaps golfclubcan me constructed from bamboo shafts andcarabao hooves for club-headsso they can be more freely attainableaffordable to the poorand providemuch fun for those playing it ,otherthan many professional golfers who often visuallyget upset with their own poorperformance.

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    Tried Albay and Lagunoy Golf? No clubs or sometimes no clothes needed.

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    I like golf too. GULF-GULF-GULF-GULF

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    hey guy, nice meeting you ~
    i also love to play golf.
    do you like Callaway x22 iron set?
    well. if you do like it, let me know. ^ _ ^

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    I know you play golf in the philippines, but are there some good golf links or courses in the Bicol regions. I don not play it although I need to find as many diversions possible to keep me active and healthy, sitting around all day reading books or on the internet is as bad as watching television, after a few weeks of inactivity its difficult to walk a mile without puffing and blowing wind like a frog.

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