Hotseat for Almie: June 25 – July 01

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    ako manay ma buena mano saimo:
    1. saen ka sa sorsogon?
    2. kasuarin ka last na nag uli sa bicol?
    3. normally ano ginigibo mo 1st thing pag mata pagka aga?
    4. wats ur favorite day and why?
    5. ano ang5 things you value in life.

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    [1]Every week there will be a member in the HOTSEAT.
    [2]The Hotseat of the week is forbidden to ask questions.
    [3]The Hotseat of the week shall have the right to choice whether he/she going to answer the questions or not.
    [4]Members are allowed toask questions as many as possible, but please avoid flooding or double posting, wait for other poster before you make another one. 2 or more questions in one post is recomended.
    [5]Members can ask questions anything under the sun except prsonal info like: tel/mobile number, home address for adults questions. (use PM instead )
    [6]Next Hotseat of the week (HOTW) will be selected by the outgoing HOTW.
    [7]All members are encouraged not to post anothrer set of questions while the person in the Hotseat has not yet answered his/her previous questions. If your questions are not yet answered for a day you can use the quote button quote the questions that are not yet answered. (but if its obvious that the Hotseat Host doesn’t want to answer your question for personal reasons you may post another set but different kind of questions).
    [8]All members are encouraged to read first the whole thread (questions answers of other members) to avoid repetitin of questions.
    [9]- Good Luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)

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