Human Rights & Freedom of Expression — is it really bad?

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    What I know, democracy is the integral element of peace-loving society. Having said that, I would say human-rights and freedom of expression are the basic components of the existence of democracy.

    Maybe the constant rallies burden motorist sinceobviously it’sobstructs traffics and somehow causes littering in the streets. But the contribution it gives to the descending economy is negligible. Besides, rallies could only be seen mostly in Metro Manila and not all the people are participating. Somehow the government must be tolerance to the civil liberty of the citizens while the people must also respect the rule of law.

    For me the main reason our economy is not so progressive was because of population and corruption. As you can see the population growth of corrupts people in the government is ballooning everyday. Not to mention the actual population issue itself which I think it needs to be seriously addressed by the government. I remember, our very own congresman Edcel Lagman filed a two-child bills which Mayor Lito Atienza and other conservative sectors strongly opposed

    As what I knew, most economic progressive countries (America, Europe, Australia, Japan, etc.) viewed democracy as essential to their society while others (like Pakistan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Eastern Europe, Iran, etc) with no respect to the civil liberties of its citizens shunned by foreign investors needless to say begging for foreign aid.

    The key reasons why it seems more companies are now setting up their manufacturing facilities in China is not just because of their low-cost labors but I believe it’s also on the continuing decline of their human-rights violations in recent years. Gone were the days when their leaders can freely orders the troops to shoot down people rallying against the government – just like the Tiananmen Square massacre where several thousands civilians have been shot to death by the Chinese Army in the eyes of the world. But you see China is now becoming a dominant economic player in the world – thanks to their improve human-rights records.

    I believe we still have plenty of foreign companies enjoying their businesses in our country – they still have confidence with our talented workers. As Manoy Ted stated, some of them came back from China because they have realized na ang mga Pinoy ay araw-araw nagkakarigos! At ang sabi kan mga businessmen kung everyday daw nagkakarigos kan mga empleyado eh siempre mas maurag kan quality kan trabaho. Sadin kapa – ang pinoy mabango na maurag pa trumabaho sa gabi! Manoy Ted, aram mo na ang ibig sabihin kadi!

    Seriously, recently I watched an Americans businessmen being interviewed by Ms. Ces Drilon of ABS-CBN. They said, the constant rallies in the street didn’t concern their businesses but instead they said the stability of the government could somehow persuade investors to go somewhere else – and this is alarming!

    Certainly democratic system, like what we have in the Philippines, is not the perfect form of government on earth – needless to say there is no such thing as perfect system of government. But the benefits of having democracy is that citizen could live without the so called fears of unknown. You see the beauty of democracy it’s allowing us to fart in public and let people roam around at night wearing ugly face without being lock-up in jail.

    Yes Manoy Ted, it also tears me down seeing how our high-ranking Military and Police being paid handsomely by this administration in exchange for their stupid loyalty. Common sense will tell us that our very own former Solicitor General Alfredo Benipayo didn’t resigned just to spend some time with his grandchildren — of course the 1017 has got something to do with it!

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    ano man daw na bagay pag”KULANG” ay masama, ano man daw na bagay pag “SUBRA” ay masama din.
    sa tingin ko ang pinas lahat ng bagay ay lagpas na sa langit!
    sumobra na ang FREEDOM DEMOCRACY sa pinas nawala na ang NATIONAL SECURITY.

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    For me, there’s nothing wrong with “rallies”. This is guaranteed in our constitution under the bill of rights- “freedom of speech” and “freedom to peaceably assemble”, as well as in the constitution of the USA and other freedom loving countries.
    However, the moment the government bastardizes and prostitutes these rights, dyan maruluwas na emotion. This is expected because the moment you trample on the rights of the citizen, the citizen will react. The hungry politicians (hungry for media attention) will jump the bandwagon to score “pogi points” with the hungry and (some) irresponsible media practitioners also joining the fray.
    Our bill rights is one ofthe bullwark of our democracy. No one but one should tinker anyone of it. The government should ensure that our bill of rights are protected. Our armed forces and our police forces, while “they should not engage in partisan politics” (ideally, hehehe), should not be an instrument in violating our bill of rights.
    The question is, whenwill our armed forces and our police forces draw the line?
    Our Supreme Court, being the last bullwark of our democracy will draw the line. The constitutionality of proc. no. 1017 is now pending before it. I am praying that our Honorable Justices will be guided by the Lord in deciding this monumental case. I am praying too, that they will make refinements in the Garcia-Padilla Case to settle the issues once and for all. Personally, I believe the Supreme Court will declare proc. no. 1017 unconstitutional.
    Incidentally, tears flowed in my eyes when proc. no. 1017 was issued and when I saw and heard my dear (before, that is) professor in Political and Constitutional Law and now (recently appointed) Solicitor Gen. Tony Nachura defending this garbage! Tinapok ko tabi su gabos na mga notes/lectures ni Sol. Gen. Nachura (which I have kept since 1985, when I was in the 1st year college of law) kan nahiling ko siya defending this garbage. Juicemiyo (subli ki chinafot), this very same thing happened before when the then Sandigan Bayan Presiding Justice Manuel Pamaran (our professor then in Criminal Procedure, 1986) handed down the ruling in the Galman case. Ay sus, dae lamang sinunod su nasa libro nya na iyo pati su pig gagamit mi na textbook sa subject nya. Mala baga, ta nag worok-out su mga beauty mi and we were never arrested, wahahahaha.
    At the end of the day, when we analyze the root of the things that are happening now – political problems (let’s confine it to this nguna), si PGMA man sana an may sala. Specifically su “Hello Tolitz, ay Garci palan” Tapes man sana. Su “I am sorry.”. Su “Lapse in judgement.” Kung dae kuta na blinock su impeachment on the ground of “technicalities” dae na kuta ini nangyari. Dae man dapat siya matakot if it was given due course since she claims that there was nothing irregular and illegal sa guinibo nya. Sana dineretso nya na lang su impeachment and sana “cleared” na siya and dae na kuta nangyari ining mga karibokan na ini.
    Ergo and with all due respect to all of you, human rights are not the reason why our economy is sinking. The reason is us, because we let them. The reason is we keep on waiting for the government to do things for us. The reason is we keep on electing unqualified and corrupt politicians and pinning our hopes to them. The reason is we don’t have discipline and we refuse to be disciplined.
    It’s not actually the “rallies” which make foreign investors move out of our country. It is the corruption and red tape in the government and the very abusive labor union (select group only) that makes foreign investors move out from our country. Pero on the lighter side, more foreign investors are coming back (bako tabi por sobre ki PGMA ini ha?) to our country (from China) because they have realized na mas maurag an quality kan trabajo kan mga pinoy, maski pastidyo an gobyerno ta asin an ibang mga labor unions, hehehe.
    There is still hope in us, as a nation. It is near. Mabalos tabi.

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    In my opinion, democracy proven good in progressive country like USA, when used in poor countries like RP… well lets see:
    I can remember a little: 1) The person who taped the “Hello Garci…” should not have released it. In the US its fine to expose such because we have good economy. Any shock wont hurt the people.
    2) The mostly poor demosntrators presumed to be from squater areas. How it developed: If you live there, kaipuhan makisama ka kundi mahirap ang buhay sa squater. Mayo kang kaibigan sa lugar naan, lagot ka. Mostly its from pakisama that developd over the years. Teamworking has a play in it too. So it varies according to needs, the effect is like that.
    Looks to me as mission imposible Mickey. I can help 🙂

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    iabhore seeing rallies. ah! let me rearticulate it, i hate hearing rallies (i’m not anews addict, come on! the medianowadaysare so downbeaten thatit drags me down upon hearing the prologue pa lang kan news). mejo pasurusirip sana ki news..
    HRFE is a reason butit is not the primary. i think the chief dilemma ofourplummetingeconomy are the people itself. im not saying that these people comprise all offilipinoes.uni na, why?the way they think and the way they act. kung baku man ka pessimistic na maray, they give up so easily.pessimists are negatively charged and madali makaulakit iyan. try mo makiuron sa taong negatibo, mabulagan kamo negatibo ka naman. 😀 and i believe that whatever our mind tells us, we do it. so just imagine, negative mind is identical to negative action 😀 can you envision a place or a home (call it a house instead)where all of the residents are so negative? juice miyo!.. then nag share share na ki kanegatibohan..tapus inintrahan pa kan media. iyo na mataram ang mga tao ‘wara na talaga ki pag asa’ then pinatunayan through actions, dai na talaga nag hinuho (tama?) ayun bagsak! then here comes the investors..then nawaraan ki trust sa pinas so they left, or if not, dai na tinaya su baraha ninda sa un ‘ano pa man i ri risk sa pinas if you can foretellna mabagsakna talaga ang business digdi?’

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    Some people I know hates to see the constant rallies occuring everyday in our country. They said, it’s the reason why foreign investors moving out somewhere else.
    Now my question is… does it really the reason? Does Human Rights Freedom of Expression are actually the reason why Philippines economy is keep on sinking? It’s really the real hindrance of the economic growth and political maturity of our country?

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