Hurricane Katrina

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    dapat garo linawon ta na may parte kanaffected areasna na-rupture ang sewage systems kaya dai advisable na mag-boil lang nin tubig ok na..idagdag mo pa na may posibililad na nalalapa na ang mga labi kan mga nagadan sa mga harong na dai pa nakukua sa tubig.
    sa interview sa cnn…sabi kan sarong biktima kan katrina, kan nadalan mi ang biktima kan tsunami, sa isip mi, tano ta dai na lang sinda naghale tanganing dai naapektaran…ngonian aram mi na…bakong madali na iwalat ang gabos lalo na kung ito na lang ang natatada sa pagrogaring mi…isipon mo kung ika ang nasa kamugtakan ninda…daing rekurso na mag-check in sa hotel habang hinahalat mo na magbaba ang baha o daing insurance arog kan iba…masakit baga, bakong iyo?
    kan yaon ako sa albay, nakaibahan ko ang mga tao sa provincial disaster response asin naheling ko kung gurano ka-complex ang problema kan pag-kumbinse sa mga tawo na isalbar ang buhay kesa propyedad pero sa parte kan talagang pobre, pag dae ninda pigprotektaran ang propyedad, garo man lang sinda ginadan…ta aram ninda na magugutom sinda sa maabot na panahon…
    in the end, we let people take consequences for their action, we inform and let them decide…democracy works that way.

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    Hi Chiui!
    We are proud that one of the bicolanos is on his way to help those unfortunate victims of this monster hurricane. Are you not lucky to have that chance?
    But I guess in this situation, it is better not to play the blaming game or pointing finger, afterall, survival is a human instinct, it is built-in in every person from birth. But considering the majority of people [of which you will notice the ethnic origin]in that area, would it not be a question for them during those trying times, which survival they should choose? The IRE of Katrina or the THOUGHT OF A BLEAK AND UNKNOWN FUTURE ahead of them if they leave the area, knowing that the place they have is perhaps the only place they could call HOME. I guess they just took the chance. [Ano na ngani ang apod kaan sa Tagalog? “Kumapit lang sila sa patalim”]
    Go and help them and just be careful and God Bless you.
    Manay Rose

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    Korek ka dyan, oragon talaga an bicolano mina – analizar!!!
    Sabi ninda paroton daa ang mga pinoy (bicolanos not included), mas paroton palan sinda, ha ha ha!
    We havesystematically survived typhoon TRIX, SINING, YOLING, etc., and we did it maski grabe an pag ti-os ta. Yon lang, ubos an sardinas [lista pa] sa mga sari-sari store buda su mga tapayas,niyog and langka kagugulay. We did this without asking help from the manila govt., albeit they always make promises.
    Go on with your noble mission to help. It’s the only way to go, but watch your back. Mag-ingat ka lang. Good luck!
    An Bicolano, bow!

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    We will be there asap to provide medical support.
    Its sad because they have the option to leave (evacuate) but NO!!! they decided to stay. (strike one)
    They know How big and how strong was KATRINA and They know WHEN And WHERE its gonna hit. Its on TV 24hrs a day WITH CURRENT UPDATES.Its obvious no one listen. (strike two)
    Granted they dont have a car to evacuate or money to prepare…they should use the bus… If im on their shoes and think like them -this is whats on my mind ” I its gonna be okay its only a Hurricane”. I myself would not take a chance, Im leaving. Okey What about… let me say a meteor a BIG METEOR name KATRINAis heading towards Louisana. Do you think people will stay still ? I dont think so (strike THREE)
    result- chaos and disaster.
    People die on dehydration because there was no water ? come on “water was everywhere BOIL IT !!!”it takes at least 15 to 20 minutes to boil a water and that is considered safe. Im just upset because they have time to face the camera and blame the goverment for no immediate action!!!and Looting and raping !!! allthey need is take15 minutes boil water…WHATTHE F!!!!.. im sorry felllas… I just cant take it anymore. AND now We have to gear up and head up there to treat them!!! I understand its a part of our job. But it could been prevented. That was somebody elses father or sisterthat died because of selfish and stupid act !!!. What happened if that somebody elses father or sister was yours or mine ? It
    This is also an interuption that we dont need in our lives.
    We filipinos especially us bikolanos dont have any options
    We dont have evacuation plan. we rely and listen to our old fashion battery operated radio for weather updates. And we are lucky to have a shelter.
    A lot of super typhoon hit us and although devastation and loss of lives were very common and always tragic. We manage to survive its not that we are used to it … its our ability to stand on our own and be ready and also accept the fact that hardship and sufferings are right there waiting the moment we open our doors.
    I dont intend to offend anybody and if I do I apologize. I just cant help myself to be emotionally involved and take it so personal… because first it could haven been prevented. AND second our advance party was welcome with sarcasm (comment like its about time, what take you so long, etc) insteadof just be thankful.

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    grabe daa talaga sabi kan kaklase ko na nasa US.
    maray kitang bikolano ta sanay na sa arog kaan na sitwasyon, ano tabi manay rose?

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    Looking at those pictures live from US, my heart goes out to all those affected by this monster hurricane, specially to those childrenwalking in the street with their desperate and exhausted parents as if going to nowhere, this is a scene that even in the wildest imagination of anyone, never think would ever happen in the United States of America. This only prove one thing, there is no third or second or first class nation, when mother nature speaks. My sympathy to those affected by this disaster. May God Bless you all!

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