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    nope… I did not get the message…..

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    Greetings! Just dropping an email here in our discussion website to getyour opinion about changing the Philippine peso into another much bettercurrency.At present, I have narrowed my sight to the present current events in our country.None have discussed a plan to change the Philippine peso into another muchbetter currency.Why change the Philippine peso? Simple, these will keep us moving toanother country to look for work, feed our family, send our children to school,and among other things. Worst yet, migrating into another country ended upgetting mistreated by these so-called “masters” and put us much down to a slave.This economic crisis happening around world opens an opportunity tointroduce a new currency. Aren’t you happy that if you work 8 hours there inthe Philippines, the same money you earn with these s called “masters?” And toa street level, you can also say “my people””my computer” “my land.” you got the message.
    The big question here: Let’s do it, the time is now.Your opinion matters.Best Regards,Muriel Garcera

Viewing 2 posts - 76 through 77 (of 77 total)

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