Justice for my brother PHER!

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    condolence poh saemu..asin sa bilog na pamilya mo.
    ipasadyos tana sana poh ang gabos..kung ang justice kang tao dakol ang nakakalusot,
    i-pray ta nalang poh ta ang dyos ang mahusga kayan….

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    I also feel sad of what happened to your Bro asinnakikiramay ako Perry sa nangyari.

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    to perry and family condolence po,i hope justice will prevail to your brother.

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    si jo osabal? mayo man pakilabot yang taong yan dawa na ano an pagparataramon nya sa atubangan kan mikropono. ang gusto sana man kayan, may mga issue siyang naibabareta sa mga paradangog dawa mayo man nin mga basehan. ka iresponsable talagang media man yan! tama ka perry, mayo man garong training yan bilang newsman… kung madadangog ngani nindo minsan kung ano’ng klaseng pronounciation igua kung magbasa nin english an newscaster na yan.

    nakikidumamay man po ako sa saindo…

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    Makiramay man po ako.. I’ll include him in my prayers, makatabang lamang sa hustisya kan saiyang pagkawara. I know “God sees the truth but waits!”May God bless your family more…

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    My deepest sympathy for you and your family may the grace of God rest upon them, and God will heal your pain and thy family.

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    noy jp

    to perry family,

    Iam sorry to hear the bad news. Pray that you will get the justice you deserve
    and a fair reporting from Mr. Jo Osabal. My sincerest condolence and may you
    have peace of mind after all these. I am from naga city, too and very familiar
    with sto. nino in penafrancia avenue.

    God bless.


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    condolence p0…just heard of the news the ader from brod myk libunao…nging brkda q po s pher during my ateneo days…i hope prayn wherever he is, hope he will find peace..

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    condolence po.


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    Makidamay man ako sa pagmundo kan pamilya nindo, Perry.
    I wish you’ll get the justice you are soughting for.

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    Perry, My Condolence to you & your Family.

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    pai caloy

    Pher, my sincere condolence.
    Though I dont know what the issue is, I want to say truth prevails. Kaya lang, kin na sobrahan naman idtong announcer, he can be served a legal notice, para matu’nong. But then, an kamatu-ran, iyo man guilayon an ma emancipate kan gabos……. though maka orag baga minsan, na nasa wake-period, tapos igua kang madadangog. Continue praying.

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    Condolence to you to your family..I will include HIM also you and your family to my prayers.. Ipasa Diyos mo na lang gabos na sakit as long as God knows what really happened.. Carry on men kaya mo yan…!! Just take it easy….

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    Last monday my brother PERSEUS PARROCHA was shot dead. five witnesses say that my brother was trying to stop a fight between his friend and a drunk military personnel. Umaawat lang sa away tapos pinutukan He suffered from multiple blows of in the head and a bullet penetrating his back and damaged 3 vital organs. Kindly include him in your prayers. Thank you and God Bless

    I really dont know where Jo Osabal of RMN-DWNX is getting his information from or where he got his college diploma or even trained to be a newsman. He makes up stories just to sensationalize the case. Our family refuse to talk about what happened to my brother for it hurts us much every time we tell the story. Now i decided to write this coz I cant take all the LIES the Local media has been reporting. I used to be proud in being a part of the broadcast industry but with irresponsible newsman like Jo Osabal, it sickens me! Learn to draw the line between getting the story respect for the family’s privacy. Im sorry if I have to pour it out in this bulletin. thanks for baring with me. Justice for my brother PHER!

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