MVP not taking care of employees, resulting to bad internet service!

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    Ahhhhh… So this might be the reason of hearing all those service complaints about PLDT service. The root of PLDT having a very bad service isn’t all about its employees on how they are working, it is about how they are taken care of. Well, if one felt their value is given importance, one works well. Or else, otherwise happens.

    We all thought that all is lost for our company given the what seems to be the endless politicking and bickering among the different forces here in Smart Communications.

    A lot of us are happy that the organizational cleansing has finally begun. The internal crackdown has resulted to almost 300 employees due to different types of fraud in both Smart and PLDT. Yes, an estimated 300 employees have been suspected to be involved in fraud. Yes, we are like a government agency with the high number of people involved allegedly with corruption.

    It’s disappointing but at the same time, it’s a welcome move for all of us here who honestly work our butts out day in and day out. It’s an open secret in the grapevine that these under the table activities happen.

    We just hope that the cleansing happens not only among middle management and rank and file but also up there in the executive level.

    I am writing now to let management know that we, concerned Smart employees, are watching to see this organizational cleansing goes up to the top. And at the same time, give top management the lead on who to check as well.

    We urged the bosses to audit one of the retailers called SIMPLUS in Bulacan and trace who is the rightful owner of the said business. This is again an open secret. I can’t believe our former sales head who recently got sacked missed this one or he knew but remained quiet about it. Everyone knows that one of the top honchos has a major stake in this retailer. Others believed that he actually owns it. The stories said that he set this company right under the nose of the previous owner of Sun Cellular. Many of us wondered that how come this was not seen or checked by his new employers here in Smart before they made him head to lead our future?
    Let us give you a clue: He appointed one of his many lieutenants from his previous company which became a part of this company to head a major business segment and discreetly calls her “Babe” (figure this out)

    Another clue: He was positioned as the “Messaiah” of Smart because of his so-called innovative marketing mind only to lead us with a -14% financial performance slump this year. Because of the financial downtrend of the company, all of us here won’t have any of the bonuses Smart is known for this year except this guy. He will get his bonus in full because it’s part of his contract. I wonder what our PLDT counterpart will say if they find out about this? PLDT performed well this year but their bonuses will not be in full as well because of Smart poor performance. Damay-damay na.

    Again, we call on our top bosses and even to our beloved Chair Manny V. Pangilinan to check and audit the retailer SIMPLUS and unravel its real owner.

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