My dog, Diego

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    nana noon

    Condolence POI……sumalangit nawa ang kanyang kaluluwa.

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    sayang POI may aso ako dito sa aming bahay kaya lang ay wala siyang ibang lahi kasi lalake ‘to…di ko naman pwedeng ibigay ito kasi problema lang ang ibibigay sa iyo nito..kasi sa pagkain palang tapos na…ayaw niya ng paulit-ulit na putahe ng ulam sa tanghali at gabi, kung adobong baboy sa tanghali nilagang baboy naman sa gabi ayaw niya ng matatamis na lutong karne katulad ng lechon baboy ayaw niya ng chicken adobo at curry..fried chicken ang type niya, mahilig din siya sa chichiria..takitos at gulay; patatas at kangkong, at ng umuwi ang pamangkin kong galing China ay nagsawa siya sa kakain ng cheese isa rin ito sa kanyang paborito, ang tinapay pag walang palamang chizwiz di niya kakainin, asar nga e! pero mahal namin ito siyempre…kasi medyo cute siya..tingnan mo na lang sa aking mga picture…o ano type mo ‘to!! piz lang…good afternoon…and god bless!!!Dominique nga pala ang kanyang pangalan…may account siya sa friendster..I am Dominique ang username niya i search mo na lang..

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    pai caloy

    Thanks Poi for this, Ganymede – our Dalmatian died three weeks ago. He was a Dog, alright. But he would bark soonest he hears the special ring assigned to me on the mobile phone of my niece who looks after him. My niece would tell me, the dog knew i am on line as he kept wagging his tail with his friendly barks.
    We have found a new dog. Excitement hovers regarding his house training.

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    hay gany, I am just so thankful for all the joy and affection he bestowed on us. ngonyan aga, nagsabi su aunt ko, na nagtao samuya kay Diego na namiss nya su minasalubong baga saimo pagbukas kan kitchen door. Kaya oni ako. on the hunt. “Dog needing home, wanted here” preferred short haired dog, medium built, low maintenance, guard dog, intelligent and affectionate.

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    Oh dear poi…. i had the same loneliness when my shitzu died on the day of my birthday…. a night before, I took him with mein our room coz I had these strange feeling that I will be loosing him anytime… Tisoy as what we have been calling him was born the biggest of the four puppies that Molly had….as the days went on he is no longer the tisoy that we know… makulit…. and malambing…. he just stayed on a corner…… sleeps all day long until the next feeding…. I talked to him before I slept that night. I told him not to give up and wait until my birthday…. I checked him at 4am he still ok but somehow feeling really weak…. he came to me…. licked on my fingers as if he was trying to kiss me goodbye…. i gave him his milk…. though he had some difficulty swallowing it he finished 1 ml of the milk i gave him….then came 6am in the morning…. i was awaken by my kids knockin’ on our room….My daughter is holding Tisoy on her hands lying still and I felt a choke on my throat…. I kissed him for the last time and I had the loneliest birthday in my life….

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    My dog, Diego died today, august 25. Just a day after my
    birthday. He waited. He even stood up to greet me and took two laps at the
    water I gave him before lunch, but promptly collapsed after the exertion. He
    had not been eating for three days and a leg wound perhaps inflicted by another
    dog during his clandestine escapes from our home was causing him great pain.
    After these, he just lay on his side, whimpered thrice and then breathed his

    I will miss you dear Diego. You have been such a good and affectionate dog. You
    are our first dog in this house in Taytay and I remember how you loved to go
    romping on the tall talahib, sniffing at the air and playing hide and seek with
    yourself from pure excitement. You just loved to be with people. I know that
    your ears prick up when you hear your name during conversations, and how you
    would nudge my hand if I stop patting your head. You are such a sociable dog
    that you even chose to breathe your last right on the kitchen doorstep where
    you know people will be.

    Thank you for making our home safe from intruders. You alerted us from robbers
    last April and you have different types of barks depending on who was at the
    door. Short. Excited yaps for friends, and long, low growls for strangers and especially
    to Mang Rene who I gave our left over food since you were allergic to it. Thank
    you for the joy of your antics. We had a great time laughing at your doorbell
    triggeredbarking spree. You would always be peeking over with your taildrumming
    at the make shift barricade when you see us seated across you at the garage
    sala, waiting for someone to pet you or when you are checking who is at the

    Thank you for your unconditional love. You will be missed.

    August 25, 2009

    Taytay, Rizal, Philippines

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