nabasa na nindo ini?Maldita sa mga OFWs!

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    I think she need psychiatrist..masyadong napakataas ng tingnin nya sa saliri…nakakaawa talaga.

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    the only reaction I could say to this “poorwoman” is kawawa naman siya:) let her go down from whatever pedestal she is standing or otherwise maybe she is trance, gisingin na siya!!!:)). Perhaps she got some history during his/her youth, mga pagkukulang na hindi pa napunuan, let her see a shrink, she needs it. I would suggest to those who will read this not to be angry, you are wasting your adrenaline, instead, maawa kayo sa ganitong klaseng tao, she needs help!:)
    Being an OFW, I am very proud to be in a plane full of Filipinos sweating it out anywhere in the world, for the benefit of giving good life to their family back in the Philippines, smell of expensive perfume evaporates… but not theambiance of pride I could feel when I am with fellow Filipino OFWs in a plane on my way back to Philippines.

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    An article by (a) Malu Fernadez in Manila Standard:
    “As all of you know I have just returned from a wonderful holiday in the Mediterranean. To cut on some costs for this impromptu vacation I was forced to fly economy class which I absolutely do not wish on my worst enemy. I was, however, encouraged by my travel agent to try out Emirates since it won the best economy class, so with great trepidation I flew on Emirates via Dubai, completely forgetting that Dubai is the hub for all the Filipino migrant workers. Call me whatever you like but when you are trapped in economy class that is filled to the brim with migrant workers thesmell gets a little funky after nine hours of flying. ”

    whole article:…S-N-O-T-T-Y_bee-yatch or

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