National Old Churches requiring maintenance

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    I have been to several old Churches and Cathedrals in Manila and in Cebu city. i know fullwell that there are thousands of these grand old buildingsto be found throughoutthe philippine Islands. I have visitedseveral of them in Bicol alone and they always impress me greatly, so much so that I want to keep on exploring them, or evenpay a returnvisit to the same places is equally satisfying. it matters not as it helps to keep one occupied when having a day out to enjoy what there is to begotten at every turn whilst beenon holiday in the Philippines. It is a multifaceted country of many spledourous things to see, do,and enjoy.
    Not every experience will be welcome but overall the good ones will outweigh the negative ones. One thing though that I have noticed in my travelsis the evidence that the weather time and erosion by airborne carried soot soils which wreak havoc to the structure of fine old buildings by unsightly grimeyblackening discolouration of the stonework, but sadlyalso the actual amount ofgrowth of sprouting foliage that has taken root wherever it can find purchase, it will eventuallytake advantage of any foothold on aledge or surface,or even in the tiniest of crevices, only to expand and graduallywedge apartbecome bigger as it grows,either overcoming the mortar or the cement bonding the stoneswork, if there is any gaps at all between blocks, then in all probability mother-nature’s handiwork will have its effects shown in due coursewhereby foliage will flourish to the detrement of the construction where its affect will make itself manifest shortly afterwards. There is nothing to be gained by waiting any longer to tackle this problem in your district alnone and should be a nationwide push to implement an immediate responce from the local peoples to safely remove these out of reach areas by erecting scaffolding to allow access to volunteers who will most likely complete the work eventually, as I have little Faith when it comes down to depending on hand outs from some government body to money to fix every solution.A worthy cause which should be a concern to everyone could draw willing hands happy to do the necessary touch-ups required to improve their unkempt stateafter having withstanding the ravages over the centuries of batteling the elements, and have served the people well, and Ifeel sure you would agree with me when I say that the task needs to be done as soon as possible.
    The lower parts aremore accessable areas free of any small trees or bushes although the uppermost reaches are hazardous to climb and unfit for ladders I should think,and pose a very real threat leading to injury to the limbsor loss of life to any person with good intensions, as there has been much blood lost in their construction and danger lurks everywhere. Great care and procautionary planning needs to be implemented, and must be allowed safet firstto prevent incidents, forwherever there is remissdue to lack ofconcern for the personalsafety of everybodythen only the worstaffliction which can marr the good altrustic intensions towhich could sour the proceedings, whichregrettablycanoften be the outcome of such casesby neglectdue to fatality from a fallfrom above to been struk on the head by a loose object,-haphazard procedures and failure to detect and eliminate the risks beforehand.
    This situationpresents the main difficulty to workers if restoration work was to be undertaken to prevent any further defacement to these fine old buildings, whether they be Churches or grand statly old public buildings they are equally both,certainly worth the effort torestore them back to their original pristine glory if possible to their original condition by removing and killing off by poisioning the foliage to deter further impengement of strangulation by weeds to the exteriours of these wonderful magistic national landmarks.

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