“No to corruption, No to immorality!”

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    Support and pray for freedom, democracy, human rights and equality not only to our country but also to middle east and whole world.

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    No to corruption and No to immorality this bring oppression and poverty!

    Stop dictatorship and corruption, down to the evil government in other nations.

    We see that evil/illegal act of people bring poverty and curse to the land.

    Slaving people, injustice, human right abuse and dictatorship bringing more violence and killing.

    Let us speak, let us act and be part of world change for true DEMOCRACY AND PEACE!

    Unite to Fight the oppressor (dictator), drug cartels and terrorism… prostitution, illegal gambling and vices that will destroy our body.

    LOVING, SERVING GOD AND THE PEOPLE… doing what is right and standing for the truth.

    There still hope it’s not the end of everything… put out any personal sentiment and crabmentality that bring division.

    For our future and for the next generation, for good government and nations.

    Yes to religious freedom and equality… help in the time of calamities and disasters…

    Msg. By: James307
    (Baptist- Evangelical Net Minister.)
    Jesus Saves!
    Philippines for progress.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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