Oahu at a Glance

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    I like the jargon of this well-traveled Bicolano.

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    While in Oahu, take the Wiki-wiki, drive down the Like-likeand get some Huli-huli.

    Shaka Bra’
    Da kine

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    The old Kingdom of O?ahu was once ruled by the most ancient Ali?i in all of the Hawaiian Islands. The first great king of O?ahu was Mailikukahi, the law maker, who was followed by many generation of excellent monarchs.[citation needed] Kualii was the first of the warlike kings and so were his sons. In 1773, the throne fell upon Kahahana, the son of Elani of Ewa. In 1783 Kahekili II, King of Maui, conquered O?ahu and deposed the reigning family and then made his son Kalanikupule king of O?ahu. Kamehameha the Great would conquer Kalanikupule’s force in the Battle of Nu?uanu. Kamehameha founded the Kingdom of Hawai?i with the conquest of O?ahu in 1795. Hawai?i would not be unified until the islands of Kaua?i and Ni?ihau surrendered under King Kaumualii in 1810. Kamehameha III moved his capital from Lahaina, Hawaii, Maui to Honolulu, O?ahu in 1845. ?Iolani Palace, built later by other members of the royal family, is still standing, and is the only royal palace on American soil.Oahu was apparently the first of the Hawaiian Islands sighted by the crew of HMS Resolution on 18 January 1778 during Captain James Cook’s third Pacific expedition. Escorted by HMS Discovery, the expedition was surprised to find high islands this far north in the central Pacific. O?ahu was not actually visited by Europeans until 28 February 1779 when Captain Charles Clerke aboard HMS Resolution stepped ashore at Waimea Bay. Clerke had taken command of the ship after Capt. Cook was killed at Kealakekua Bay (island of Hawai?i) on February 14, and was leaving the islands for the North Pacific.For a more educational taste, come on a tour with a landing at Kualoa
    Ranch– a working 4,000 acre ranch in one of the most historically
    significant parts of Oahu.Landing tours combine the legendary vistas and safety of Paradise’s
    famous oahu helicopter tours with specially planned activities that make the
    most of your vacation time.

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