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    Wow! i guess you are great editor. thanks for that tutorial.. can you give some links about tutorial adobe photoshop?because i really need to learn about it coz we might have a project by using adobe this sem… hope u can help me… thanks…

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    pd pa send man kan photoshop software mo manoy…..

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    Aram ko lang mga sites na pwedeng makatabang ning kadikit tabi manoy Dino…

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    Hi, Mam Jo. add me in your YM [email protected] I have pdf/ebook in photoshop I can give it to you for free. Go bicol, Go green!

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    marhay n adlaw s gabos…manoy rick pwde tabi mag hagad ki kopya kng Ebook ta pag adalan ko man su photoshop..diit lang kaya
    su aram ko s photoshop, iu tabi ini email add ko: [email protected], tnx po…

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    body { margin-top: 250px; } .mybannermakerheadbanner { position: absolute; top: 0; width: 400px; text-align:center; margin-top: 5px; margin-left: -400px; left: 50%; }

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    Quote:” thanks for the quick reply. will pass this on to my nephew!” pai caloy
    Super User You’re very much welcome Sir. Sorry for the typographical and some more errors on the previous reply. It’s about 4:00 am in the morning when I made that post, and I haven’t got much sleep.The next time, I will be much careful before posting any reply, hehe.MANNY

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    pai caloy

    thanks for the quick reply. will pass this on to my nephew!

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    pai caloy

    Super User

    “thanks for the info (though it has eaten a lot of space, hahaha.

    appreciate if you can guide me where i can send my nephew (in manila)
    to become a visual artist (he years to be one). is there any school
    conducting this? thanks in advance.”

    Sorry for the big space in this article, hehe…

    There are many great schools or institutions offering short courses on photo editing and flash animations. Try AMA or ABE.But courses like this are limited in scope. Experience is the best tool in learning. In my case, I never studied in school. I graduated Masscom in 1995. At that time no courses were offered in photo editing. But since I was a photojournalist, experience paved the way for me to learn great things from my craft. Photo editors and graphic artists relies much on photographer’s composition. If you are a good photographer, chances are, you will be a good graphic artists with much less editing done on your photos. The only time I edit photos is when I am not satisfied with my shots, or when my photos are noisy due to digital noise (there’s no such thing as perfect photographs. The rule here is: “experiment” to obtain the photos you want or need for your purpose).I was obliged to study photo editing when I first acquired my digicam in 2005. It was just an ordinary “point and shoot digicam”, and my clients start complaining about noisy photos. My only solution is to edit and retouch photos before I give it to them.It was too costly for me to enroll in such editing courses, I decided to buy books and search ADOBE PHOTOSHOP tutorial online. Learning the basics were a headache for me. But as I progressed on, I get used to it. Having a background in visual arts (I was thought basic and advanced painting by our art group in Manila), I get used in color correction using the color wheel as a guide, and retouching photos. Then I progressed on with more advanced technique such as blemishes removal and editing by layers. Those techniques I shared in this tutorial was just a product of self study. A few shortcuts were shared by an expert editor I met when I worked as an apprentice graphic artist in 2007….I hope you find a good school for your nephew here in Manila. Photography and photo editing is an exciting career and a hobby as well. Good luck!MANNY

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    pai caloy

    thanks for the info (though it has eaten a lot of space, hahaha.will appreciate if you can guide me where i can send my nephew (in manila) to become a visual artist (he years to be one). is there any school conducting this? thanks in advance.

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    nice forum, very informative. i’ll try some of the lessons here.

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    GOOD day!!! pai Dino ano po gmit mong Photoshop???

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    step 1. cutimage of your choice and paste itto a white background.; you can use any selection tool like lasso and pen.; rename the image to Image1
    TIP: rename the image(s) by double clicking the image name on the layer pallete.

    step 2. Duplicate the Image1 by pressing CTRL+J or right click the image name on the layer palatte and select Duplicate layer.; Rename the copied image to Image2.
    step 3. Transform the replicaimage(Image2) for mirror effect by selecting EDIT TRANSFORM FLIP HORIZONTAL
    step 4. Position the replica image(Image2) to the right side of the original image (Image1).

    step 5. With Image2 selected on the layer pallete transform the image by selecting EDIT TRANSFORM PERSPECTIVE;select the upper right corner node and drag the node upward to create a perspective view of the image. Press Enter key or double click the image to apply.
    TIP: while draggin the node, you can press the SHIFT key to maintain the image scale.

    step 6. To add effect to the image ive used Fill and Opacity on the layer pallete: FILL 75%, OPACITY 80%; ive also added Blur effect by selecting FILTER BLUR GAUSSIAN BLUR.
    TIP: you can play with the numbers of pixel on the gaussian blur window depending on your image of choice.


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    uyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! labing u’gal ninyo….wizzzzzzzzzzz ko lang tatao man ako nyan ..kaso lang diko kaya..
    sisay kaya ang magtyaga na magturo sako? hmmmmmmmm…sana igwa……

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    nag testing man ako para inugakan na ako maglinig kan mga gilid…hehehe…iyan su P10 kan aki pa si andres buda si apolinario….hahaha

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