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    Efren Reyes wins the first IPT-King of the Hill tournament. He got $200,000 for the championship and will be the defending champion next year. Wow… $200,000 for 2-days work…. that’s more than 10 million pesos… Bustamante won $70,000 and Manalo $60,000…
    The Filipinos Really DOMINATE the competition… the games maybe shown on Fox Network next year…
    read the discussion about Reyes, Manalo and Bustamante on this forum and you will see how popular the Filipinos are among Pool-affecionados here in America..

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    In case you are interested, other excitingevents are happening in the sportsworld simultaneously with The 2005 SEA Games….
    The very first (International Pool Tour) IPT – 8-Ball King of the Hill is happening in Orlando, Florida in America.Competing in this event is ourvery own Efren Bata Reyes, Francisco Bustamante, Marlon Manalo and Amang Parica. This is a million dollar event and may become the next Big Thing in sports. Bata is already guaranteed $30K just for joining the competition. I believe the champion will win $200K, the biggest paycheck for billiards so far.
    For Pool and chess fans, here are some of the websites that might interest you.

    And theOn-Going “2005 World ChessCup” where our very own Mark Paragua is playing agains Super Grandmasters… here is the website:

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