Pope Benedict. Dapat ba na mag “apollogize sia??

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    Halimbawa maski mag apolodiais si Pope Benedict, contra man guirarai ang mga Muslim ta dai man siBenedict sang-ayon o nakikisama sainda. Sa Sudan, Ivory Coast haloy ng pigcarastahan ninda ang mga Kristiano at sinda nag refugee. Ngonyan bilanglider naresponsable sa mga tao na kalat sa mundo, mahiro, maporma mapihiling sa dakulang karawat. Mala ta kandarapa si George. Si George America man sana ang pigprotectahan. Si Benedict buong mundo! Abangan ta ngani ining dakulang karawat na ining pig-sabi kan Iran. Kamo, kita,mga benchwarmer sana.

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    sabi baga ngani kan mga gurang sato…”kung sisay daa ang nakakaintende iu ang magpahunod” hahaha :))

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    Still,this is a good gesture from a pious man,from a believer of Christian virtues,from a leader of a dominant religious group[.I think this is as good as the “apology”that they are asking for.The gesture will abate any misunderstanding that may cause more divisiveness amongst men..
    Remember when POPE PAUL II asked forgiveness for the atrocities and violencethat has been causedby the Crusades thousand years ago?Though the said apology was long overdue,it made greatimpact and started healing and reconcillation to humankind.
    Universal God only wantsPEACE, LOVE UNITY..not Misunderstandings,False Pride and Self Rightousness.
    So,if the it would be for the betterment of all mankind,for peace, reconcillationfor global healing..Apology of the Pope would be the best gesture and legacy that he will be remembered for..

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    @andador, according to paragraph 9:
    “The pope’s statements today constitute a good step but they do not amount to a clear apology,’ said Mohamed Habib, the group’s deputy leader, in a telephone interview in Cairo. “Saying they were merely quotations raises questions about using these quotations in this context and at this point in time.’
    There was no apology involved, look at 1st paragraph:
    “I am truly sorry for the reactions caused by a brief passage of my speech,’ Sorry for the reactions caused by his speech. Can it be said that he is sorry for what he said or the reaction? Pope is still pointing to the violent reaction not from his, but from them. He’s goood in details!!

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    THe apology by the Pope is just proper and called for.The world is falling apart because of clashes between different beliefs and religions.Respect beggets respect..
    Pope Benedict Apologizes in Person for Muslim Offense (Update1)
    By Andrew Frye and Jackie Andrews
    Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) — Pope Benedict XVI apologized in person today for causing offense to Muslims with a university lecture last week implicitly linking Islam to violence.
    “I am truly sorry for the reactions caused by a brief passage of my speech,’ the pope said from his Castel Gandolfo summer retreat in Italy. “These were quotations from a medieval text that do not express in any way my personal opinion.’
    Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, which led demonstrations last week against the pope’s remarks, called the apology a “good step’ while urging the pontiff to make a further statement to clarify his personal view of Islam.
    The apology is the second for the pope in two days after a statement was released yesterday through the Vatican in which the pope reiterated his respect for Islam and said he was sorry his speech had been interpreted in a way he hadn’t intended.
    Late yesterday the Italian interior ministry asked police chiefs to raise the level of national security after Islamist groups threatened to attack the pope, the Vatican and Rome, in statements on the Internet, Agence France-Presse said today.
    In Somalia, where there have been protests at the pope’s speech, gunmen shot and killed an Italian nun today at a hospital in the capital Mogadishu, AFP said, citing witnesses. There was no clear motive for the attack, AFP said.
    Brotherhood Response
    “The problem is not the pope’s statements now,’ said Abdel Gelil al-Sharnoubi, a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic-based organization that’s Egypt’s biggest opposition force. “It’s about the racist views from Vatican circles toward the Muslim world.
    “Such religious statements by the pope will be used in politics to justify the Western policies in the region that are biased against Muslims and Arabs. Unfortunately, his statements are pouring gas on fire,’ al-Sharnoubi said in an interview.
    The Brotherhood is formally banned from Egyptian politics, but associates serve in parliament as independents, winning 88 of 454 seats in last year’s parliamentary elections.
    “The pope’s statements today constitute a good step but they do not amount to a clear apology,’ said Mohamed Habib, the group’s deputy leader, in a telephone interview in Cairo. “Saying they were merely quotations raises questions about using these quotations in this context and at this point in time.’
    In Iran, faith schools were closed today in order to allow students to join rallies protesting against the pope’s remarks, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported.
    `Radical Rejection’
    The pope’s lecture was meant as a reflection on “the relationship between religion and violence in general, and to conclude with a clear and radical rejection of the religious motivation for violence, from whatever side it may come,’ said yesterday’s statement from the Vatican.
    The speech, given on Sept. 12 at the University of Regensburg during a visit to Germany, had prompted Pakistan’s parliament to call on the pontiff to retract his comments to avoid heightened conflict between Muslims and Christians.
    Benedict began his address in Regensburg by quoting from a 14th-century dialogue between the Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus and an “educated Persian.’ The two debate the merits of reason in Christianity and the Muslim concept of holy war. Manuel, who champions faith embedded in reason, is quoted as criticizing Islam with what Benedict called “a startling brusqueness.’
    `Evil and Inhuman’
    “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached,’ Benedict quoted the emperor as saying.
    Benedict, who didn’t weigh in on the specific value of Manuel’s view of Islam, used the quote to open a discussion on the primacy of reason over violence. The speech is on the Vatican Web site.
    The lecture was an invitation to a “frank and sincere dialogue with great reciprocal respect,’ the pope said today. “I hope that this will placate spirits and clear up the true meaning of my speech.’
    To contact the reporter on this story: Andrew Frye in Milan at [email protected] . Last Updated: September 17, 2006 11:13 EDT

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    Pisful kitang mga tawo. Mala ta kita kita man sana dian sa Bicol sagkud sa mga bansa arog kan Canada, US, Australia atbp dai masyado. Garu bagang mga casta. Very intimidating pa. Dai puede ang people power dian. Ma mangnuhan mo kaan biglang orolian ang OFW arog kaan sa Lebanon. Kita baya dai basta basta maski ngani si Khadafi mina pa kodak kodak ki PGMA sige sana. Pero hangang nuarin yan?
    Si Pope Benedict ba ay dapat na mag apologize? Para sa sako: Da-e (No) Idagos nia ang pag bisita nia sa Istanbull maski na. Magdagos sia sa Anatolia kung bawalan sia sa Istanbul, kundi parang mayong silbi ang oportunidad. Habang maaga pa, iyo man sana ang mangyayari.

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