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    Thanks for this info, jolivee!… My friend has desperately been trying to sell these golds in his rusty garage, but it was in vain. Do you know of any “Gold Party” that he can attend to, so he can sell these golds? My friend has further indicated that he is willing to give you 10 % commission if he can sell these two stack of gold. Please advise.(hmmm!..tawan mo man po akong kahit 2% sa commision mo.) Dakulon nasalamat po!… dios mabalos!
    Good luck!

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    I myself do not wear any chains or bracelets,- my wife has some, I tell her not to overdo it when we go shopping as I think too much is austintatious and over the top,- a matching set of earrings and neckless with a few rings on the left hand are acceptable, any big gongs or medallions with heavy chains have a demandingarkane look about them that almost demands the onlooker to be mesmerized by the wearers imposing importanceandbelittling to the other persons, which is tantamount or closly bordering on something akinto an insult, after all what is the use of making people feen either envious or jealous, it will not win you any friends or admirers in my view, others may disagree. If you have old jewellery then it can be refashioned or so i have been told and I think you might make a loss if you sold anything really as the middle playeror organizer can only bethe overallwinner. My wifesuggested this once and I said that other passersby are not tired of your jewellery only you, so nowadays she adds something to her collection when travellingenroute toBicol, one can make a nice kuwentas from a bunch of santol fruits draped around the neck, which can be easily bought at the side of the road when they are in season, the fruit from Sorsogon are reputed to be the best.

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    You have probably attended plenty of parties where you were expected to buy something, but have you ever gone to one where you actually made money? AGold Partycreates an opportunity for friends to have a fun night together while also earning a little cash. The host simply asks friends to come over on a certain date and to bring along any unwanted jewelry items, old coins, or other estate items that are made of gold, silver, or platinum.Selling your unwanted gold, silver, and platinum jewelry can be a great way to make some extra money while also getting rid of some of the clutter in your house. Why not take that single earring and turn it into cash, rather than having it clutter up your jewelry box? Do you have a ring that just never fit right? Instead of continuing to wish you could wear it, sell it instead while the precious metal market is at record high.Costume Jewelry,Gemstones, gold plated jewelry, and silver plated jewelry are among those that they do not buy.

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