Tragic Accident “Game Show”- Game of Pointing Fingers Again:)

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    always look at the bright side of lyf (tagoy-tagoy… :-“) sub-li sa nike komersyal

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    If I may add LolaFelice.. ngunit bago ang lahat gusto ko munang bumati.. hello sa inyong lahat kumusta na heheh.. wo hen hao.. lipot digdi sa Tsina.. huna ko dae maka-sideline sa PC..
    Now back to the issue..Maray ini na igwa kitang diskusyon ta ini ang wara sa kadaklan na Pilipino… pirmi na sanang tango ng tango.. kaipuhan sabihon ang satuyang opinyon maski salungat sa satuyang tugang o pag-iriba.. digdi mapuon ang satuyang political maturity. Totoo mananggad an dakul ang tabang sa sadiri kung pirming hilingon ang positive aspect kang buhay… gibohon ang ang makakatulolng sa sadiri…peropositiveat negative ay bahagi ng buhay.. hindi natin puedeng talikuran ang isa at magkunwari.. kung halimbawa inagrabiyado ang satuyang tugang kang ibang tawo, ano gibohon kalimutan na lang… positive ba ang paglimot?..kaipuhan ang satuyang opinyon sa mga bagay na arug kang titulo sa thread na ini-open ni Manay Rose… mas maray na ipagpatuloy ang discussion na ini mas dakul kitang naiintindihan… arug na lamang kang disiplina ng mga Pilipino sa Pinas at sa ibang bansa… dahil sa ipinyon ng marami ay naiintidihan natin lalo ang dahilan… maraming salamat po..

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    Take it from luwi, folks! Pag talagang kaipuhan bumanat, minaentra… Keep it up, nene! =D=D=D=D=D
    Ako baga napapagal na man an malsok ko sa kamamaan kan mga pigsasarabi ninda. An arog baga kaining diskusyon sarong paagi tanganing ma-stimulate an satuyang kaisipan. Puro man baga may mga puntos an sinarabi ninda. Dae man dapat maging dahilan para mag-irinitan.
    Imbes na puro dada kita, maghiro’ na man ngayakita. Kaipuhan baga an aksyon, magpuonkita sa sadiri ta. Anas man baga kita may kagigibuhan kun na’ta napasiring an dalagan kan sistema ta.

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    makapagal mag basa..paharalabaan..wara ako ma say..uni sana tabi:
    “If you want life to get better, you need to make changes that start with you.”
    dai na magpara turo maski kisay..ilingon na sana su positive side kan buhay..sabi ninda warang present kung warang past and experience is the best teacher..jan daw makukua ang best na lesson..yata kaipuhan pa bang magka experience para makanuod ning lesson? na-a-a..dafat kung aram ng sala dai na ipagpatuloy, kung maray and maka tabang o dipayt! *wink*

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    Sir dae mo man daw tabi pag intra an “Marlboro” buda an “quit smoking”, taapuera sa babaknit buda alak, iyo na man sana an kaligayahan ko, bwahahahaha. Mamunduon na an buhay mi kaini ni nar-es Dickoy (help tabi koritas), hehehe.
    Simple man sana tabi an solusyon sa simpleng problema: DISIPLINA + CONSISTENT POLITICAL WILL.
    Sabi ngani ni kumander ko pag abot sa issue na ini kan disiplina buda consistent political will/on how we can do it – its not a question of negative or positive thinking. one should look beyong positive thinking, that is the RIGHT THINKING. Kudos tabi ki pai wawoy, hehehe. If we all (citizenry and politicians) can do this, there is no reason why we can progress as a nation. Absent any of this, we are bound to go to hell and to hell we are going. Pasensha na ta dae ko magamit su “dogs” (instead of “hell”) ta herak man sainda, hehehe.
    Sir, I do subscribe sa signature mo. I’ve got all the volumes of the Godfather in DVD, hehehe. I always watch it lalo pag iuragan ako, bwahahaha. I feel good after watching it. Swabehon baga. Reminds me of Sun Tzu’s the Art of War. Buy the book padi if you have time. It’s nice. You may also want to try “Beyond Positive Thinking” by Dr. Robert Anthony. Nirecommend man ini saku ni Pai Wawoy – maurag na libro.

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    Ang huna ko tapos na ang disagreements nato Pai Mikey………We agreed to disagree.Hehehe…..Iadmire your handsomeness…..your intelligence when it comes to politics……..siguro dacolpa kaya ang mga talents mo ano. 🙂
    I knew I didn’t go into detail when I mentioned about Hitler so you didn’t get what I was saying….so here is my detailed version at baka sakaling ma gets mo on what I believe in (so that you don’t have to second guess me)…….You see I believe that collective consciousness of the majority can control our life. It is important to understand that there is no mysterious external force that’scausing random suffering and there’s no such thing as bad luck. Bad things happen to good people because they counsciously or unconciously do not understand the “law of attraction”. What we rip is within us individualy and the collective selves of our family, community, our country, and the world that we live in. Every single state of being, thought, word and action is cause by something before it and will cause something after it…..What is found in the effect is already in the cause….YOU are the cause of everything in your life and so as everyone else in their lives. This also means that groups of people collectively cause their effects. Business or corporate success or failure even wars or terrorism all happened not because of one person in the group, but because of all people collectively causing it to happen. I used Hitler as an example because Hitler could never have come to power without the passive acceptance of the rest of the world. The world created the condition necessary for Hitler to rise to power. The collective consciousness of the Germans permitted the Holocaust to happen. The collective consciousness of the rest of the world said…..He is notour problem…We don’t care about Germany or what he is doing there….as long aswe’re okay. So this collective consciousness made it easy for Hitler to do what he did. That’s why I said that Hitler was the manifestation of the collective mind set of the people. People blame Hitler….but he was the result of the collective consciouness. Hitler was only one man…he needed the concious and unconcious cooperation of the people. Therefore one cannot hold Hitler responsible as the sole victimizer without holding responsible those whocreated the conditions that made this things possible. Hitler acted as a mirror to the world…..a focus conciousness of indifference….a belief in superiority…and a separationin each person. EDSA I…is probably thebest possitiveeffect of collective consciousness of the Filipino People.Currently middle east is probably the worse effect of the collective conciousnessof keeping their attention on violence and hate….and they keep creating more of the same thing. How can you possibly have peace when your focus on violence? You cannot attract one thing by putting your attention on another thing. It’s like trying attract the piece of metal with a magnet. But, you have the magnet facing the plastic. The worlds conflicts maybe started by terrorist or some insane dictator, or even by a mighty power in the name of freedom…but it’s all the same….it all comes from FEAR and it perpetuates the very thing that they are trying to eliminate.
    Here’s what I seeof the majority of our Filipino brothers and sisters. Their overall mentallity is of victimization because we have been corrupted by government leaders after another (that are supposed to help us improve the situation)….most resigned themselves to living as victims. In other words they feel they are victims of circumstances that they have no control over. They blame thegovernment and outside forces for their poverty and other problems that they are experiencing.Our well meaning, kind, and loving people do not understand the law of attraction. By perpetuating the thinking that they are victim…..they collectivelycreate or energetically attract the same conditions, including a corrupt government, that has kept them in the life of poverty and despair. The only way out of this dilemma is to stop blaming outer conditions. We all know that the outside in approach doesn’t work. We first must change our thoughts (our cause) before we can change our conditions (our effects). Only when we collectively do this that the government or other circumstances will change.
    So as you can see when you mentioned….
    “Just to point out, that we Filipino in general are not entirely to blame for our economic suffering. Yes, maybe we contribute a little bit but not enough reason to point the finger on us. The real fact is… it’s our past, present and maybe the future government and greedy politicians drained our barrels and exploits the mind of the poor masses.”
    I completely disagree with you. Stop pointing fingers at everybody and anybody. Let’s stop blaming other people, companies, government, etc…etc. The only way we can move forward is……To change the way we look at things…….andthe things we look at will change.(I thought I’d insert my signature) 🙂

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    saludo ako dyan ki BF….

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    I believe Tolhits was right – this discussion might dig out the grave of Magellan. Did Lapu-Lapu really kill Magellan? And by the way, who kills the Lapu-Lapu? Siempre su mga maninirang taga Pioduran. Right Manay Chromz? Manay, mis ko na baga su sariwang inasal na turingan na bangut sa gulay na mariguso.

    Pading Wawoy, you imply that you are no longer watching the news. As you believe, news nowadays is all about negative stuffs. Don’t you think that contradicts on what you have enumerated on your examples about the two boys with negative and positive mentality? As for me, regardless of the news, good or bad, I still have to watch it because even bad news has its purpose!

    Did I hear you say that Hitler was not to be blame for the holocaust? I wonder why we could easily forget the worst history of mankind. Yup, Hitler couldn’t have done everything by himself. But you see the beauty of being a military leader is making order — ordering your bloody troops to fight and fight. And the worst part of being a soldier is you can’t question the orders even if it is against your belief! As they say, a soldier’s mistake may just cause his life or jeopardize their operation but a stupid order’s from their general or president could lead disaster for the country perhaps to the whole world. And that was what actually happens, right? And history will tell us, Adolf Hitler was guilty of ordering his troops to massacre millions of innocent Jews! Regardless if it was a collective effort among high ranking bloody Nazi, the blames goes to Adolf Hitler alone.

    I agree there are poor people taking advantage of their situation just to get the assistance from the other people. Yup, even the poor know how to fool others. But what worst are those executive beggars who licks assess and easily sold their bloody souls to the evils of Malacanang just to keep their powers or get even more. You see, the poor don’t need those powers – they already have it in their kili-kili! Yes, they can’t afford to buy Rexona!

    I agree with Manoy Ted that pinoys behave extra ordinary when outside the country. Bakit nga ba Manoy Ted? Siguro takot lang kitang magmulta kaya siguro takot din kitang magibo nin kasalanan kahit na maski sadit lang! Anyway, I think losing a job and afraid to be deported are the keys to our good behaviors when living in another country. After all, fortune is quite hard to find back home.

    Tama ka Manoy na talagang matugas kan mga alimantak ta. Kumbaga nasa kultura ta na yan! But who’s to blame now… is it the corrupt government or we, the stupid citizens? Yes, discipline is quite hard to instill to every pinoys but do you agree a penalty could easily be impose if citizens violates even a minor crime like jaywalking, littering or even driving with ugly face? You see the hope still there. All you have to do is forget Marlboro and quit smoking — if you can do that now then decipline still possible!

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    Grabe man baga an pag-inguwa kan MMDA kaya lang pigpapara-iwal siya kan mga mayors. Si Sonny Belmonte man sana baga an ka-vibes niya. An aram ko may temporary restraining order an korte ta unlawful daa an pag-implement kan mga MMDA traffic schemes. Tapos piga-iwal man siya kan mga transport groups. Sabay pa inihongibang mgadrivers ta an attitude pirmi,”paratubod-tubod ngaya ako saindo”. Dae na bagang paggalang sa awtoridad. Siisay an dapat basulon?
    Pero popular si Bayani sa mga estudyante kan UP kan nagkaigwa ki forum kan gabos na naging MMDA chairman.Sa gabos na yaon sa auditorium, si Bayani an pinakamakusog an parakpakan, standing ovation pa! Dahil siguro ta bako siya mahilig sa grandstanding….

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    aw huna ko lola pigpapakaray na ni MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernado ang trapiko sa metro manila?

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    Ay talaga naman, nag-iirinit man nanggad an payo kopag nahihilingan mga pasaway na kababayan ta! Ultimo na sana an pagbalyo sa tinampo. Oni na an overpass, magpipirit pang magbalyo maski na magkariligis kan humaharurot na bus saka mga jeep! Saro’ pa man na pasaway mga driver kan buses na anion digdi sa Manila. In fairness, mas may diit pang disiplina an mga drivers ta sa probinsiya. Digdi sa Manila, mga maambugon baga an mga drivers, maski saen minapundo. Kaya pag ako naglunad pigsasabihan ko an driver na ibaba ako sa tamang lugar, dai bale na medyo harayo an lalakawon. Sabi ko dapat matuto silang sumunod sa simpleng batas-trapiko para naman patunay na kahit papano may-konting disiplina tayo. The other day, I complimented one bus driver for doing this andmade sure that the rest of the passengers were able to hear what I said.
    Now back to my question:
    Nata’ ta an mga Pinoy/nay disiplinado kun nasa luwas kan Pilipinas?
    Aram mo Banny, sa sakuya sanang panghiling, dae digdi pigseseryoso an implementasyon kan mga reglamento ta dae man baga ki matanos na sanction saka kulang sa consistency. Madakup ngunyan sagin tapos kinaagahan balik sa dating gawi.
    Saro’ pa oni: kulang na an tiwala ta sa mga law-enforcement agencies. Pagkatapos may problema pa kita sa kredibilidad kan mga namamayo puon sa pinakaitaas sagkod sa ibaba…
    Ay, tama na … napaduman na naman sa pulitika an hururon……

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    Napagal akong magbasa kan mga opinion nindo pero gabos man po kamo tama… agree man ako kay manoy banny and the rest na SELF DISCIPLINEtalaga an kulang satuya…

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    exactly manay rose! wara kayang lagay-lagay sa ibang bansa.

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    Ako igwa Bugs!:) takot mapukpok kan martilyo sa irarom kan message mo:)
    Kidding aside, saro sana ang rason, foreign government is tougher than ours when it comes to discipline! Ika daw putulan ki kamot o payo:))

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    Nata’ ta an mga Pinoy/nay disiplinado kun nasa luwas kan Pilipinas?
    korrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrek! :* ka dyan lola nata daw tabi, baad may aram kang rason paki post daw tabi…hehe

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