Tragic Accident “Game Show”- Game of Pointing Fingers Again:)

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    Thank you……The mini vacation was a success. Puwede na akong makauwi sa Pinas na mag-isa. Hehehe….

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    well said tabi manoy wawoy… welcome back palan tabi… kumusta man su bakasyon nindo ni kumander???

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    Whewwww……Ang dami ko na palang na miss dito ah…..
    Very very interesting topic you brought up Manay Rose.
    I don’t mean to sound very insensitive to the “POOR MASSES” (Like what Pai Mickey calls our brothers and sisters)
    You might say that I live in a fantasy world if I don’t call the masses of our countrymen poor. But in my world they
    are not poor. They might say or they want us to believe that they are poor. ToME they are NOT. It is only in their
    mind or they are conditioned to believe that they are. Don’t tell me about poor because if I play the role of a victim
    when I was a kid…hindi na sana ako magbabanat ng aking mga buto…..Kong biktima lamang ako ng pagkakataon ay wala na
    sanang nangyari sa buhay ko.In my mind they are not poor because each and every one of them have always something
    to be thankful for in their life. POOR in whose eyes? Ano ang sukat ng pagiging mahirap? Sa kaninong paningin? I believe
    whatever happened in ULTRA is a lesson not only for the injured party or casualties family but also for the whole country
    that WE ARE ALWAYS RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN ACTIONS…..If you blame someone or somebody…you are missing the
    lesson. ABS-CBN didn’t ask those people to be there. Each and everyone of those people are there because they wanted
    to be there. You and I was not there. Are we supposed tofeel sorrythat we are not hurt and they are? We cannot fix
    the problem when we are looking outside…when the problem is inside.
    A lot of people want to change the world………………..butonly few want to change themselves.
    Just my humble opinion tabi….

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    Pading Banny, if we limit our discussion with Wowowie tragedy then I believe it’s quite unfair for us to blame those poor masses while exonerating the company who organize that tragic event. We have to accept the fact that poor people don’t have much option to go on with their lives. By hoping to hit a jackpot in a program like this Wowowie is just one of the few alternatives they do have. The poor masses don’t care much if the show exploits their social status – their concern just to become lucky to hit jackpot!
    Now, let me put my piece on much broader topic as our discussion calls for it. As John F. Kennedy once said “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. Well, this call may still work for Americans but it will no longer do the trick for us. Maybe it was possible thirty years ago since during sixties, history said our economy was second to Japan and our literacy was the best among the Asian countries. But what happened then? Why we are one of the poorest nation in the region?
    Pointing our fingers to some lazy pinoys minor contribution to our economic downfall is quite unjustified. The fact is our bloody government especially those greedy politicians plays a big a factor why majority of pinoys are now under poverty line.
    If we agree to recall our bloody history, it was no joke being under the Martial Law for twenty years. Twenty long bloody years where few crazy individual had the luxury of having 3000 pairs of shoes, collection of expensive diamonds, hosting nonsense parties while scavengers at Smokey Mountain were increasing everyday.
    The EDSA revolution was suppose to be our turning point — it was suppose to clean up the mess of Martial Law. But what had happened? Again, a few ambitious individuals, led by our very own good looking hero, Gringo Honasan and his stupid boss, Juan Ponce Enrile, attempted numerous bloody Coups D’etat to destroy our hard-earned democracy. And what they got from it? Nothing except that they helped pushed the poverty line to the bottom.
    The no-balls soldier, the Jumping Jack Tobacco, with the helped of Tita Cory’s magic was elected president. His questionable six-year terms somehow went smoothly with no calamity and no military threat except from the “itchy tongue” of his mortal nemesis Miriam Brenda Santiago. However, his kickback from his sophisticated projects such as Skyway, Amare Land, the Fort Bonifacio, etc. again shoves our poverty line to the edge.
    What can you say about “Erap Para sa Mahirap” slogan? That’s obviously fooling the poor masses, isn’t it? Why? As Joker Arroyo puts it, wala pang dalawang buwan sa pagiging presidente, eh nagnakaw na ng milyon-milyon para masuportahan yung kapritso ng kanyang mga kabit at hindi para tulungan yung mahirap na supporters nya.
    Now, we don’t need to be a rocket scientist para malaman natin kung klaseng administration meron tayo ngayon. If Erap was crocodile President and Jumping Jack Tabocco was Volture then Gloria was Crocodile and Volture plus a Vampire!
    What is the relevant of this craps? Just to point out, that we Filipino in general are not entirely to blame for our economic suffering. Yes, maybe we contribute a little bit but not enough reason to point the finger on us. The real fact is… it’s our past, present and maybe the future government and greedy politicians drained our barrels and exploits the mind of the poor masses. Ng dahil sa mga tulad ni ERAP eh lalo tayong nag E-ERAP! Maybe Gloria is smaller by height but her bloody ambitions clouded her mind!
    The best thing is this forum is “we agree to disagree”. Nothing personal, it’s just our opinion. Great discussion Pading Banny! Mabalos!

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    sa hiling ko gari tigspoil kang abs cbn ang mga filipinos especially mga poor… gahaman lang sa points abs eh… kaya look what they did… I blame abs cbn, it could have been avoided but because of negligence, the people run in uncontrolled way — which could have been controlled in the first place.

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    . 😀 baka maka abot pa kamo sa kapanahonan ni magellan sa kati trace kung saen talaga nag ugat nga pagsakit kang mga pinoy ha?

    oyana….habo ng akoon kang abs-cbn na bako sana sinda ang dapat basolon sa trahedyang nangyari….pati mayor kang pasig ay nadamay na dahil sa pagtatao ning permit. husto ang mga pulis ay dapat man daang imbistigahan.
    salungat ini sa inot na mga statement ni manny lopez na ina-ako na ninda ang gabosresponsabilidad.

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    Tama ka dyan pareng Bugs.. you hit it in the head…kulturaang dahilan (not all but many)..if I may use @Pai Wawoy.. the problem is in the Inside not on the Outside.. lalim ah..

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    padi mikey i don’t want to blame anybody, any company or any gov. official. i want to blame we the filipino people as a whole including me. i contributed something to “inang pilipinas” for what she is now. since i left philippines i keep analysing the situation of pinas,i found outgov issue is not the real problem of phil ang masang pinoy ang may problema. palitan man natin ang lahat na leader ganoon pa rin ang pinas paran gulong pabalik-balik lang ang sitwasyon, kasi ang may mali tayong pinoy.
    as you say “poor are getting poorer”, why? bat di sila magsikap na makaahon, if we keep on pointing our finger to somebody walang magyayari sa buhay natin. puro asa na lang tayo. asa sa dios, asa sa gov. asa ki nanay/tatay…’la naman tayong ginagawa. i hope filipino will start asking themselves” ano ba ang naibigay kong kontribusyon sa PILIPINAS?, hindi yung ano ba ang maibibigay sa akin ng PILIPINAS?” ito lagi ang pinoy ano ang para sa akin?
    manoy mikey pis men…hehe 😀

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    Pareng Banny, DISCIPLINE and POVERTY are the sad reality sa ating mga pinoys. The truth is when you can’t have three square meals a day then discipline is not your cup of tea.

    We can’t blame those poor masses if they struggle day by day just to have a chance for the jackpot the show’s offering them. Ang katwiran nila, it’s better for them to line-up there every single day kisa naman magnakaw sila, diba?

    I believe the ABS-CBN deserved all the blame for all these mess. This show is exploiting the poor masses big time – this is rating rivalry, if you know what I meant! If this thing happens in the US, I believe they could be charge of manslaughter! Score of people dies and we can’t just say we will try to help the best we can! Shit, pudpod na yung ganyang style!

    Poor is getting poorer and our bloody government should do something about it. This stupid administration rewards fortunes to those loyal to them.

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    Aba ginoong mahabaging ginebra
    Na produkto ng la tondeña
    Sa championship ay tanggal na
    Dahil olats sa game 7 noong makalawa

    Lakas ng loob sa mganamatayan ay ibigay mo
    Upang maibsan ang kanilang sakit sa puso
    Kaluluwa sana ng kanilang mga yumao
    Ay matahimik na sa kabilang mundo

    Sta. luciang manlulupa
    Pinamigay na lang sana iyong bahay at lupa
    Upang mga taong sa wowoweeng nakapila
    Ay hindi na sana nadisgrasya

    Sn. miguel de arkanghel na mahabagin
    Isip ng mga taga abs-cbn ay paliwanagin
    Hindi man nila ginustong buhay ay kitlin
    Andyan na yankaya dapatnilang harapin

    Sn. lasarong nangangarera
    Pabilisin mo na lang sana
    Ang imbistigasyon ginagawa
    Upang magdusa ang may mga sala.


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    i think, the message of this isthat Filipinos have no more “desiplina”. wala matigas na bakal na hindi magigiba ng desperadong tao. pero pano mo pipigiling ang mga tao sa ULTRA? hindi mo pwedeng paluin ng batuta or barilin ng rubber gun or water cannonnot like in rally? for me, walang ibang dapat sisihin sa nagyari kundi yung tao mismo. there is no fixed plan in security every second it’s changes in actual situation.
    don’t blame proberty, we filipinos like it. tayo ang maygustong maghirap tayo what we do when somebody want to make business in the Philippines, pinapalayas natin, ginogulo natin, philippines is not the right place for business. kaya natatalo na tayo nag nga kapitbahay natin. maspinapahalagahan pa kasi natin ang mga sulsul ng mga linta na pagwala na silang masipsip sa grupo ninyo lilipat sa mas preskong grupo.
    ito ang nawala sa pinoy “DESIPLINA SA SARILI” this is the cause of stampede…
    my deepest prayer tothe soul of all who die in ULTRA….amen

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    @Manay Rose,
    Agree ako 105% saimo… dapat tigilan na ng mga Pilipino ang mga arug kang “Get-Rich-Quick” schemes na yan….at dapat maintindihan din ng mga nasa poder na huwag nilang i-exploit ang mahihirap.. mahirap na nga i-exploit pa… hindi ko rin masisi ang mga Pinoy na mahihirap na kumakapit sa patalim dahil naranasan ko din ang nararanasan nila.. mahirap ang maging mahirap…. pero sabi mo nga Manay Rose… “Hard-Earned money” is the best type of money…
    Mga corrupt na pulitiko…sana mamatay na kamong lahat…

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    MANOY MIKEY!! YOU ARE RIGHT!!! ABS CBN is criminally liable for reckless imprudence. Kung ako makwartahon I will sue them kung my relatives akong nadamay duman. Haha. They will spend lots of money for that. Tsk Tsk.:( Poverty is all over the Phils. I, too, blame Gloria M. Bow.

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    There is no need to pin the blame on TV Host Willie Ravillame or Charo Santos. They shouldn’t be blame for this unfortunate tragedy – it’s not their fault!

    However, the ABS-CBN management, as a corporate running the show, should be held criminally liable for this bloody misfortune. This tragedy could have been prevented if the right security measures have been properly implemented to ensure some order in the chaos. They should know from their experience that the kind of crowds there are lack of discipline. As they have said, thousand of crowds already camped there days before the show. Therefore a contingency plan should be in place to prevent disaster.

    I don’t agree that it’s not foreseeable. This tragedy is completely preventable. It’s not enough that the ABS-CBN management will only shoulder the cost of the victim’s burials or hospital bills. They should at least give them some financial assistance – they’re earnings huge money for this program. The desperate common folks are only getting barya. This Wowowie exploit the mass big time. They keep saying that they are there to help the poor people but the truth is – pinagkakakitaan nila yung mahihirap!

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    It is a very sad incident for our country what had happened the other day, losing lives for such a trivial reason! But was it really trivial? I hope this will be an eye opener to the government, as well as to all of us. This incident showed how desperate the “common mass” of our country because of poverty, sometimes “illusions” could temporarily heal the sufferings. We can’t blame them, there is nothing wrong with trying to take a chance, but was there exploitation on any side or negligence to the safety before a gigantic event like this should take place?
    I guess, the lesson learned: “Hard-earned money” is the best type of money.
    My prayers to the victims and for the family.

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