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    mga bicolanos, tourista(bakong terrorista)dagos po kamo sa samoyang magayon na banwaan.

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    tama yan suggestion ni kuya duran, patulan mo ngani

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    i read your brief history on PASACAO. interesting subject.

    your GB profile indicates you are a young Municipal Councilor.
    being so, you may have some ideas that will attract business to your community.
    thereby a generating source of income.

    with due respect, may i suggest that you post more accounts on PASACAO to include places to go and what to do. highlights of your township & surroundings, directions, featured products, artisans & local contacts,
    and most of all – lodging facilities. beaches & resorts must have a direct link in your municipal website.
    calendar of events and festivals need to be CURRENT or AHEAD (so readers/users may plan prior to visiting your beautiful town. your municipal website is USELESS if it is not updated regularly.

    undertsandably as a municipal website it incorporates mostly government related aspects, yet you need
    to consider the REVENUE aspect. to attract business you need useful and LIVE links, picture gallery.

    for comparison, check-out website of KABANKALAN, once a sleepy town and now a major city in negros.

    better yet, avail of this GB FORUMS – it is an UNTAPPED resource.
    you’d be surprised how much readership this group has
    both members and non-members, regulars and just browsers.

    you may encourage some of your local residents with spare rooms to open thier homes to visitors/tourists
    not necessarily as a BED & BREAKFAST facility, but like a HOSTEL or SINGLE-ROOM RENTALS.
    this type of lodging/accommodations are used in some european countries lacking in/short of
    commercial hotels. these facilities then would have to be registered, which means revenue
    for your community. money spent in your local industry equals money in your municipal cash register.

    your TARGET MARKET are not only balikbayans from PASACAO but also bicolanos from other places
    who want to explore the bicol region, same can be said to other pinoys (local & overseas).
    before long PASACAO will have visitors from other countries (who may invest in your local economy).

    your SOURCES are PINOY & BICOL ORGANIZATIONS (local & overseas). check the internet, amazing
    how much pinoy groups there are outside the philippines. that’s how tenacious pinoys are.

    it is also a way of understanding cultures. your people become the ambassadors of PASACAO.
    remember – word of mouth advertising is fast and cheap!


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    tma yan genibo mong iyan para maggulpe ang mga turista satoya

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    In the country’s colonial past, Pasacao was the slumbering “visita” and served as the province’s only outlet to Manila. The Spaniards who set foot in Bikol soil late in the 16th century noted the importance of this visita in their exploration. Pasacao has the only existing port in the Bikol Region which was used and became a strategic defense against the raids by Moro pirates from 1585 to the 19th century. Due to frequent raids, the town had an estimated population of only 200 in 1823.
    Vessels carrying goods and passengers made their starts or stopover here. Notwithstanding the rough road to Pamplona, this town had been contributing, to a large degree, in the economic development of the Province of Camarines Sur in particular.
    Pasacao’s strategic location along the rugged coast of the vast expanse of the Ragay Gulf in the east made it very important to the economic and social life of the people of the region. It is for this reason that a parish was soon established dedicated to St. Rose of Lima as the patroness. Annually, in honor of the town’s patroness a fiesta is celebrated on August 30.
    It is said that the geography of Pasacao makes its history full of hardships, troubles and afflictions, which influenced the customs, traditions and way of life of the inhabitants more to by the continued Moro piracy like that one in 4 October 1779 at Caranan. The report of Bishop Manuel de la Concepcion described these raids in his letter to the King on June 29, 1758 as “undoubtedly greater at any other time”. (raids in 1757). “The raids according to Domingo Abella – Bikol Annals. “ten towns and the two missions were completely destroyed: ten churches were looted and burned; about 8,000 Indios captured or killed; one priest was killed, two captured, and the capital, Caceres, was under alert all night. Alcalde Jacinto Rodriguez Morales provided materials for a baluarte (earthwork or fortified rampart) as defense of Pasacao against these raids. He also issued rations to the bantayes (watchmen, sentinels). (See Mallare, Ibalon – op. Cit. 223-225).Randy R. Panganiban

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