War in Lebanon

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    bko gbos na remittances nakakatabang sa ekonomiya kan gobyerno (basic economics)
    kaya sabi ni manoy ted iatot na sana iyan dagdagan ko na sna kong makulog ang tulak nindo.

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    Manoy pedro, I’m flattered for you to assume that I’m too young. Thanks. But I think I’m old enough react to this incompetence and lack of regard to filipino human lives by our government. I’ve seen Five presidents in power in my short existence so far (I expect to see about twenty or so presidents take power before I lie in my death bed). I hate to brag but just to point that I know what I’m talking about, I’ve earned my first degree in Naga City, my second degree in Manila and currently struggling for my third degree here in England. That gives anybody an idea about how credible I am to moan and rant about.
    I’m just appaled at how they can put a minimum on how much they are willing to spend to save our OFWs in the middle east. It’s as if human putting a minimum number of people who MIGHT have the chance of surviving. I never heard anybody saying that there is a maximum number of money an OFW can send home to the Philippines. For all we know,they’re just too happy for usto send all our har earned money for their corrupt system to devour.

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    It’s really amazed me how our bloody government could always find a ways to extort money from OFW. Sometime ago, I think it was former Senator Raul Roco had passed the bills at the congress regarding the exemption of OFW of paying income tax. I was very thankful about this bill since it avoids of my once-a-year visit to consulate in Jeddah. I hate seeing those dumb crooks out there. I thought I better go to Amazon River to see real crocodiles!

    However, this legal way of siphoning our hard-earned money was immediately substitute by another way of extorting-scheme by OWWA when they initiate the US$ 25 OFW membership fee and mandatory renewal yearly — of course, this is aside from those regular OFW throw-away-money such as OWW Medicare, Repatriation Insurance when getting the OEC certification and the hassle of getting the whole bloody things!

    How much they earn for this scheme? Got no idea! But I read somewhere that this administration is pleading other countries and to the Vatican to help repatriates those Pinoys caught in crossfire’s in Lebanon!

    Here’s the pleading letter of PGMA. My source in Malakanyang just text it to me. Damn, spent to much for it huh!

    Dear President George Bush, Santo Papa, King Abdullah, Sheikh Mohammed al-Maktoum, Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah, Prime Minister Blair, and blah blah.

    Gentelmen, kindly help our countrymen to repatriate them out of Lebanon temporarily. As of now we don’t have the budget to provide assistance to them. As you may know their OWWA funds were spent to ensure my victory in the last presidential election and that bastard Garci charge too much, you know.

    By the way, in return for your assistance I will promise a good discount when you import our products. I will have my congress pass the bill to cut back the cost of our most favorite export-product – the OFW!

    Now you can our hire domestic helper for US$ 120 instead of US$200 and their employers have the prerogative if they wish them to feed dog-foods or left-over. And also from time to time they can rape them or iron their faces if they wish too. I will have clear instruction to our consulates not to entertain any complains from those runaway – we don’t want them to come back here. By the way, I was informed that our consulates receives minimal complains compares to what I receives daily from militants groups and from the media of course including the http://www.gobicol.com website specially theguy who will posted this here.

    I hope this request will be granted immediately. I need to repair my tooth badly or my badly tooth so that I can talk straight and have the guts to lies more during my SONA this year.

    Sincerely yours,

    President Gloria Macapagal-Arrovo
    Republic of the Philippines

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    Ricaaaaaa – welcome bek, bwahahahahaha!!!!

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    O Islaw… o Islaw sa gabing madilim.. sa gabing madilim… ang puso mo pare ko… hinay-hinay ang banat, mahirap na… baka masira ang iyong beauty.. patay na.. pero tama ka sa lahat ng iyong sinabi except for one.. GMA is like father like daughter… sus ginoo Islaw.. ano ba ka… you think Santol na mapakla ay galing sa puno ng mansanas… jaws ko ‘day, dili mangyari yan.. there is no name to protect because there is none.. the only difference is, GMA is more corrupt than her fafa… and that makes him a very proud father i think…
    pero sige na, dagdagan ko pa ng konti yang iyung pag-a-alburuto… yang mga airport fees na yan.. aba kamuntik na ako di makabalik sa bansang nagbibigay dolyar sa akin dahil sa pangingikil dyan sa airport sa mga “bayaning OFW” na tulad ko ah… muntik ng lumipad ang eroplanong sasakyan ko na hindi ako kasama.. talagang imbiyerna ang beauty ko.. mantakin mo.. kikikilan (kiki ba o titi..) ka na nga ang gulo pa ng procedure.. o punta ka dun sa kabilang building kuha ka ng resibo(OFW departure ek-ek).. pero dito ka magbabayad… walking distance lang daw yung building.. buwisit na yan.. kinse minutos palang lakarin tapos yung upisina eh parang bookies ng jueteng.. hindi ko nga mahanap eh.. buti na lang merong isang buteteng security guard ang nagturo sa akin.. malapit daw sa kubeta.. ayun.. mukha ngang kubeta si manong mandurugas… humingi ba naman ng lagay, nagpaparinig na parang di ibibigay yung ano bang klaseng papeles yun(OFW)… sabi ko bigay mo na, pag ako di nakalipad.. hindi lang lef en right ang ibibigay ko sayo…
    then balik ako dun sa airport para bayaran yung OFW ek-ek fees… and then go-na-lets ako.. think about it.. pa’no kung ibulsa nila yung perang binayad ko.. eh di naman ni-rekord yung papel na galing kay Manong Mandurugas.. pa-no nila nire-reconcile yung OFW-dep doc sa bayad ko.. eh kung ibasura nila yung galing kay manong mandurugas eh di kanila na yung bayad ko.. ewan ko lang pero i think na-improve na ngayon… mas efficient na OFW fee-corruption/collection… talaga naman.. may bayani bang kinikikilan? (kiki nga ba o titi just asking?)… nasaan ang mga fees na yan?..
    and please.. wag mo ako pakuwentuhin tungkol sa airport taxi drivers sa pinas dahil baka maghuramintado ako dito sa aking work… mahirap na.. bising-bisi pa naman ngayon dito sa parlor..
    teka.. “War in Lebanon”.. nga pala itong thread na ito.. ah ewan…

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    stupid and corrupt leaders? why do we keep electing them into office? idealistic ka pa islaw. aki ka pa garo. like you said, maha-high blood ka lang. mga arog tang pobre, the only way to survive is to get out. dawa ngani sinda, habo man mag-iristar sa pilipinas. sagin man daa mga patriotic or nationalistic. pwe! dipisil bulongon ang kasuwapangan kan mga tawo satuya. gusto ninda sinda sana ang mabuhay. do they really care about OFW’s? aram man ninda na kapit sa patalim ang kadaklan satuya. kung puwede sana, gabos na tawo satuya, magharale. pati ngani ang mga mayayaman, nag-iiriskusar naman, ang mga pobre pa?

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    @Noy-Islaw! BRAVO!!!!Well said indeed! and I admire your guts to fully describe the sentiments of OFWs like us. I wish I could find a way to put your message in all leading Philippine newspapers, para at least maaraman kan mga inutil na nagpapadalagan kan satong government howDISGUSTING they are!Mga makasusupog na tawo! Enjoying the money of the OFWs and nowna kaipuhan ibalik ninda, gari habo na butsanan!

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    Ako mataram ning maraot kaya si habong maraot ang aldaw, don’t read this.
    1. We have the MOST STUPID President in the world. She can come to me personally and still I will say the same thing. SHE IS STUPID. Everybody knows that. Even her followers know that. They wouldn’t follow her if they did not think she is stupid enough to be manipulated. She’so STUPID that she forgot that her father was a good president and that she’s meant to protect his name.
    2. We have the most pathetic government leaders in the world. I don’t care if we think some of them are good enough, but they are part of one of the most corrupt, walang amor propio, patawa at walang hiyang lider sa mundo. Tingnan nyo na lang presidente nila. Di ba walang hiya sya sa balat nya? Kulang na lang isapak sa kanya ang ebidensya ng pandaraya nya para makaupo sa pwesto, pero andyan pa rin sya. Dito sa England, a top expert on weapons of mass destruction was not happy with the decision of going to war with Iraq. He committed suicide because he cannot face the shame and guilt that his government has decided to plunge into. Kung ganito sana ang mga lider natin, sana patay na si arroyo at masasagot na natin ang tanong na “If arroyo wasn’t in power, will the philippines be better off?
    3. I’m an OFW. I faked my way to get away from my hopeless country, and made it. Kung hindi, mamamatay akong di man lang nakakatikim ng maginhawang buhay. Now that I’m earning enough money, they want a share of it. I do send money to philippines. The amount I send every month is more than the official salary of the president. And I know I’m not the only one. Last time I heard, the remittances from OFWs is the only thing that’s making the local economy to even survive. Mga bagong bayani nga daw kami. BUT WE ALL KNOW THIS JUST A BIG JOKE!!!
    May mga bayani bang kinokotongan mula pagkuha ng sedula hanggang sa airport terminal fee na sa pilipinas lamang meron!! They still treat us like shit, don’t they? At pag may problema ka, meron ka bang matatakbuhan para tumulong? Wala! All they will do is steal some morefrom you.
    Kaya I’m not surprised if the budget they allocated for the safe transfer of OFWS in the Middle East is not enough. We areNOT A PRIORITYof our government. The money they allocated does not even match the total amount of maney OFWS collectively send on a daily basis, and yet okay lang sa kanila to “travel by land kasi the sea is not an option” There is no option you idiots! If the government had the influence in the first place, then our OFWs would have been saved way beforethe war started. Kaya lang, our country is not being taken seriously kasi nga patawa ang mga lider.

    Sorry high blood na naman ako.

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    Drilon blasts gov’t response to OFW crisis in Lebanon as inadequate 07/21 5:20:11 PM Senate President Franklin Drilon Friday deplored that the P150 million allocated by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to evacuate Filipinos in the war-torn Lebanon was “woefully inadequate” which he said merely reflected Malacañang’s “patronizing attitude” towards overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). “The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) currently has cash reserves amounting to a whopping P7.6 billion but Malacañang allocated only P150 million which can cover the evacuation of only 1,500 workers. The problem is there are over 30,000 Filipinos who are in harm’s way in Lebanon,” Drilon said. He added that, “The government response to this Lebanon crisis is woefully inadequate.” On Thursday, President Arroyo ordered the release of P150 million for the Filipinos’ evacuation from Lebanon, even as she urged the international community to help evacuate her citizens. Mrs. Arroyo came under fire for failing to do enough to help Filipinos stuck in the war zone, many of whom are female domestic workers. In a statement, Drilon urged Malacañang not to be “stingy” in the use of OWWA funds, noting that the agency was created precisely to assist OFWs. Drilon served as labor secretary during the administration of President Corazon Aquino. The Liberal Party president also took exception to Malacañang’s appeal to foreign governments to help accommodate Filipino workers in their respective evacuation plans. “Given that we have billions of pesos in OWWA funds, I don’t believe it was necessary to sacrifice our national pride by pleading with other countries to accommodate our distressed OFWs,” Drilon lamented. “This is pathetic.” “During happy times, this government sings high praises to our OFWs, calling them modern day heroes, because their remittances regularly keep our economy afloat. But during times of crisis and our workers need immediate assistance, Malacañang suddenly turns stingy with OWWA funds. This betrays Malacañang’s patronizing attitude towards our overseas workers,” Drilon explained. The Department of Budget and Management said P150 million would be released this week. The amount will be pooled under the Department of Foreign Affair’s Assistance-to-Nationals fund, the standby fund tapped for contingencies involving Filipinos abroad, the DBM said. There are at least 30,000 Filipinos in Lebanon, most of whom are domestic helpers. Aside from the Philippines , other countries have begun evacuating their citizens from Lebanon, which has been under siege from Israeli forces these past weeks after the Hezbollah abducted two Israeli soldiers and refused to release them. An estimated seven to eight million Filipinos are scattered around the globe. They include many domestic workers as well as hospital staff in the United States and Europe, oil workers and drivers in Saudi Arabia, and security guards in Iraq. Many of these workers earn as little as $300 per month and have few rights or access to help when problems erupt abroad. Collectively remittances by foreign-based workers sustain the Philippine economy. Last year alone they sent home over $10 billion.

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    ang magayon na gibohon kang mga OFW na nasa lebanon, ay pag nahiling na nindang pabagsak na missiles ay mag sarayaw asin mag kanta:. (so OST kang pinoy-Big Brother)
    Pinoy ako ay pinoy…
    Ipakita sa mundo…
    Na itong si ate GLO…

    siguradong ma U-turn ang mga bala saka missiles na nag nga-ngarak-ngak!

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    aw ano na man ni si manay glo. esus gari iaki pa lang kasu udma… 😀

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    Grabe ang pugol ko Noy na dai mag-react kuta duman sa article na posted mo when I read it the first time. It is really a very stupid, funny reaction from a President of a country[ laughing stock ], makasusupog baga, kaya tama ka we just LAUGH it out! What to do? sabi ngani, we got bunch of “inutils”! Bahala naman so mga OFWs duman sa Lebanon maglikay sa missiles na dai nagpipili ki tatamaan, sabi ngani ni Butch “to whom it may concern.”
    Mas lalong makasupog so response kan sarong OFW: “Mas mabuti na daw mamatay sa giyera kaysa mamatay sa gutom sa Pilipinas.” I guess she summarized it all!
    Just imagine kung ano ang situation kan Pinas kung ang North Korea umarog sa Israel????

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    tama ka dyan mikey sa obserbasyon mo. Ang bala and missiles dai man iyan na tig pipili. Maski anong nationality mo, pag ika natamaan, sori ka na lang. To whom it may concern baga. Dai man kaiyan lilikayan tamili ika sarong pinoy.
    In one interviews of ABS-CBN w/ Amb. Alfrancis Bichara, he was asked kung haen siya ta ngunyan sana sya nagbutwa, dai man nya tig simbag directly, tig iba nya na sana su topic. And dai akong nadangog na concrete plans of the government on what to do. Ang gare pagkasabot ko, reactive management sinda, kung baga depende sa mangyayari and sa response kan mga OFWs. Sabi kan gobyerno, OFWs ang mga bagong bayani… arog daw kaan ang pag trato sa mga bayani? Sana maayos na….

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    Don’t shoot Filipinos, Arroyo asks warring forces in Lebanon
    By Lira Dalangin-Fernandez
    INQ7.net, Last updated 07:02pm (Mla time) 07/20/2006
    (2ND UPDATE) PRESIDENT Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has appealed to “all combatant forces” in Lebanon not to shoot Filipinos, as she ordered crisis managers to devise “markers” that would identify the migrant workers.
    At the same time, the President ordered the release of 150 million pesos for the Filipinos’ evacuation of some 30,000 Filipinos from the war-torn state, even as she urged the international community to help evacuate her citizens.
    Facing criticism for failing to do enough to help Filipinos stuck in the war zone, many of whom are female domestic workers, Arroyo insisted her government was doing everything it could.
    “The Philippines makes a special appeal to all combatant forces to spare Filipino nationals who have no wish other than to be taken out of harm’s way,” Arroyo said Thursday in a speech at the Sulong Negosyo, an exhibit of small and medium entrepreneurs at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.
    “Our crisis managers on site shall devise clear markers that will identify Filipino nationals and in the name of humanity, I ask the combatants not to shoot or harm them,” she said, while appealing for other countries to “help us in the evacuation process.”

    Pekx man, natawa talaga ako rito… nakausap na pala GMA yung mga Hesbollas at yung mga sundalo ng Israel. P@t%giz na yan eh mga unguided missles nga ang gamit which never choose it casualties. Tapos she will ask them… plz don’t the shoot Pinoys!
    The Hezbollah may even use those expats caught in the crossfire as their shielded. This war will not end sooner than they expected. The Israel will not back down from this war and so with this hardliner Hezbollah. Our Government should realize that and the best thing for them to do is repatriates them ASAP! Where’s the OFW fund?

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    Israel already gave their terms to give back the land to Palestinians.

    It turned out to unsuspecting expectators that it wasnt actualy the root cause of their long conflict. It was something else.

    MOVIE SUGGESTIONS FOR THE DAY: Kingdom of Heaven, with Orlando Bloom

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